Tell me if i’m wrong. You can be passionate about anything, no matter how mundane it is.
I am really starting to get sick of people trying to tell you what your purpose is in this plane. Make occult music, make occult art, make occult movies, write occult books etc. like wtf??
Why can’t someone say that you can be passionate about inflicting harm upon evil doers, or ritually murdering a bunch of pedophiles…why can’t i be focused entirely on those things?
why must there be a higher purpose? Whatever the fuck that means. Some Hive mind bullshit.
We can’t all be artists like Erica frevel guys, or healers…people should learn to find passions in the world around them…

I for one suffer from feeling like murdering everyone around me…why can’t i feed the beast by ritually rmurdering evil doers around me…and let that be my passion :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

I honestly don’t know why i wrote this but honestly…I was watching reading some ted bundy quotes on the internet and my god the passion this guy had. It was not that i am feeling joyous of the things he did. Rather, he had a passion that was completely out of the grain. You know, shit people don’t do.

You can just use a demon to conceal your intentions and prepare defences for yourself there’s a bunch of demons that can help u out… as for destroying… its all u man

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That i know :joy_cat:, but man like there is just so much being told what to do and not do don’t you think? And funny enough they all operate from the ego mind.

Yes but that’s why people like u never reveal their true intentions… There are many more people like you here. Like Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer they never revealed their true intentions. This subject is normally hidden !

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Dang, i actually like that…hiding in plane sight. I wonder what the really advanced people do in secret a apart from posting youtube videos :joy_cat: A good strategy no? Because when i read some occult tomes like Ecclesia Mysteria and the deplorable word…the spirits do not fuck around men. They literally came here to destroy…in very cruel ways. I just originally had conflicting feelings with what i meant to be doing with my occult powers instead of what i am actually supposed to be doing.

If you call on spirits with different aspects to destroy someone, they really do mean business ! And yes they could be the nicest people just like Bundy, charismatic and all that… you never know who’s who, kinda like the idea too… but careful who you’re trying to destroy because they might be involved with magick as well but never give off tells. I’d set up defences first, physically and supernaturally !

No i don’t really like starting beefs with anyone though. I try my best to be friends because unfortunately something inside me feels indifferent to this place…like i don’t belong. I completely separate myself from those thoughts though because it kind of makes me feel like abusing people. Like when i am on a date i start to feel that this is the dumbest thing i am doing, this is stupid., i should be fucking! It is almost as though i can see straight through the facades people put on. I feel like there is something nonhuman inside…that does not like some people around me and some of the things i do.

Anyway yeah… i think i know why people do not talk about this shit. It is very disturbing. I think i will delete this thread :joy: :joy:

What makes them evil? their ethics may be different but you as a lowly human have no right assuming what is good and evil, and as you fall further into the occult “Good” and “Evil” mix and become gray. Here is a wise qoute.

“A hammer can be used to destroy the enemies holy ground, or it can be used to erect your own. The choice is the wielders.”

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Good point. Though i keep on thinking about Atlantis and why it fell. Was it because we misused the power and eventually destroyed ourselves with it? I mean are there actually any rules? That you know are naturally aligned with the universe and when you don’t do them…you know, you could fuck yourself up. Universal truths like gravity is what i mean by rules

I believe that there are 9 bodies. each in their own plane of existence. with their own laws. our physical body is just that physical, so it must adhere to the laws of its plane of reality. But with our other 8 bodies, they each have their own rules.

Yeah that makes sense. I read something similar to that in F. Bardons work Initiation into Hermetics. So i want to ask something that may be little sensitive. Let us look at pedophiles for example. Now to most of us, they have some very imbalanced minds and what they do is very odd. So, are there actions against universal truths? because animals do not do it. or do people just have their own personal hatred for them. Because if i were to say planning to harm such people, would i be doing a ‘‘good thing’’ or is it wise to just leave them alone. Because if god is everything and everyone, isn’t it those people as well. It is really fucked up you know.

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I’m quite driven to do these things (and do). The Shadownomicon entries I make have them all over the place. But I don’t see passion as the same thing as a purpose. Passion ebbs and flows too much. It’s not something I would count on, but it is a useful tool in the box at times.

This fades a bit as you get older.

He was also a pathological liar and likely stole the idea from someone else and dressed it up as his own.

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I wont get too political but what i would say is that many pedos have had the same thing happen to them as children. There are many studies on this.

Many can not help themselves from this behavior (im not making excuses for them, as i view them as disgusting at best and vile at worse.) I would say the animals case could be used but not really as most animals mate when they reach maturity(which means when they can breed). following the same rules for humans would be bad men and women reach maturity around 11 for girls and 12 for boys.

So still pedos. The problem is you’re overthinking this. Take care of your own and the rest will follow. And i personally disagree that god is everything and everyone.

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Wait what?

Thank god

Yeah i agree with that too. You can be passionate about anything, even getting your ex back :joy_cat: Purpose is where i tend to disagree with most folks because ir seems people are doing similar shit. Unfortunately many do not experience union with the divine and hence do not know why they are here. Someone tells me they are tarot readers and that that is there purpose and i wonder…what? okay. People just do things that are too similar in the occult industry.

It is a bit complicated i see. But again there is nothing you can do because these people are still out there so it is a matter of taking care of your own shit.

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Sure, it can be the smarter route, depending on how one goes about it. Having experienced people you can bounce ideas off of can really fast forward progress (potentially). It can also be used as a means to make sure one doesn’t go so far off into their personal gnosis they don’t remember that they still live in a physical world they should interact with from time to time. This is an important part of keeping the psychosis at bay.

Define the divine. I’ll wait. No, I won’t. I have my own definition, like most of the people on this sub.

It might be. Or it might advance other skills that they will lean on later. Doesn’t matter. It’s their path.

Okay makes a little more sense now, the whole path thing and purpose
As for what i meant by divine, i know that almost all cultures have their idea of god. I know you do too. And true spirituality is about merging with that godhead until you are one, experiencing that state of being ‘‘god’’ while still in the physical flesh. For some it is Tiamat, others Satan, others Abraxas, others Ahriman or Belial. I think that is what i meant…and until you do or in the process of doing, that is when you can realize your potential. Do you agree?

I don’t plan on merging with them. I plan on someday standing beside them.


Same here. Since we are all part of the void or the divine providence, isn’t our will also its’ will? I know some people want to completely be dissolved back into the void (which is cool but is not really my cup of tea) while others seek to maintain their individuality even in the higher planes. I am guessing that that is what you desire. Because many ascended masters chill out there fulfilling certain tasks for the betterment of mankind and also to continue evolving to higher planes.
So your purpose might even change as you continue evolving. I can see it is not really a stagnant thing. There is not really that ‘‘one’’ thing you were meant to do.

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