As you read the title, I want to partner with a wealthy entity that wants to make its mark here in our world.
I want to create a huge global project related to Blockchain technology, And I need investors.
I will not find someone better than the BOSS Clauneck, He is the desired person, he will help me a lot and we will work together.
How is the way to do this? How can I contact him and tell him that?


And what this would be?

I really don’t even get how this would work, from your point of view.

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Read This :

What is the correct way to do that?

So, cryptocurrency?


I can’t answer, because I don’t even get what you want to do with Clauneck.

Yes, the project has a huge relationship with the idea of digitization and computing.

I would like to partner with Clauneck

Okay… but what do you want Clauneck to do?

He will be my manager and support me with financial support, advice and business management experience

I want to do a deal with him, or as you call it (pact) maybe

Okay, spirits can help you with business strategy.

Well, I don’t see how this would happen. Magick doesn’t work on a schedule, as far as I can tell. Is not as if Clauneck will give you X amount of money on the 4th day of every month.

Can you hear spirits?

I didn’t call it anything.

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I knew this.

I didn’t say that, and I don’t think it that way. Clauneck is not a money-printing machine.

He will help me through messages…

Sometimes I hear them.

I can describe to you how I hear them sometimes. Just to be sure.

Okay, fine, tell me…

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Sometimes I’m sitting and relaxing, hearing a light voice in my mind telling me things. And these things happen, or sometimes I hear a voice in my mind that shows me things that I did not know before.
Once, I was sitting in a horse racing café, relaxing and looking at the program paper, and I heard a voice telling me numbers, which are / I said to myself, they will not come. The race started, so I see the numbers on the screen the same as I heard it. The result was the same numbers that I had in the same order, is this a coincidence? I got mad because I didn’t win that $ 100,000 even though it was from my share.

Sometimes thoughts come to me with a certain frequency. So know that it is from some entity.

Strange. In general, you need to have a lot of experience and a relationship with a spirit for stuff like that to happen.

And even then, I’ve never heard about anyone outright getting the right numbers/names/whatever for gambling.

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Trust me, I told you the truth. As if I received these numbers from a stream, it was a strange feeling. The cafe was noisy and I suddenly entered the calm and relaxation station.

When I got into a kind of trance and the place got quiet, I got those numbers but I didn’t play them.

Okay, then. Everything is fine.

Yes, Thank you.