Parting ways for a while

I will be leaving the forum for a while because there are things that I want to accomplish in my practices and I can’t do it if I’m distracted.

I will be taking my focus off of black magick and demonology for the time being and begin working through the book Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus. I have denied the Hermetic system for some time and have only used what has worked for me but I feel that this is something necessary for me to do in order to gain the attainment and understanding of the spirit that I want to achieve in my life. I shall return at some point but I will be gone for a while.

I can’t wait to getbthqatb book…

Good luck C.J.! I always loved the hermetic world view, with the Spirits being out family.

God luck!

Shame. You’re one of the few I respect here. Good luck!

Good luck bro! Hope you fimd what you’re after.

Sad to see you leave, hope things go well and that we’ll be seeing you back when you’re in the mood! :slight_smile:

Well,i dnt knw you,but wirking whit angels,take at least,22-45-even 90 days,just for 1 ritual,slow pace,awesome results,good luck

Good luck, we will await your return. Let us know how it goes and share some of that knowledge with us when you get back. good luck.

Best of luck friend

good luck cj. your insights will be sorely missed, but when your called, what can you do but answer?