Partial Astral projection?

Last night i had sleep paralysis, i know it wasn’t a dream because i saw the exact details of my room, knowing it was sleep paralysis i attempted to project, i was able to get the front of my body out, and my legs, but then fell back and was stuck at my lower stomach area, anyone know specially why this could’ve happened?

You saw your physical location than it wasn’t astral projection it was physical projection or in various psionic communities biolocation.

However, as you practice by the sounds of it you were doing or trying to do full projection, getting your energy body “out” will take some time. I personally started with partial projection on getting my energy body ‘out’ and once I did then shifted to full projection.

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From The Phase by Michael Raduga:

Couldn’t say why it happened, only that it is a not-uncommon occurrence. The best thing to do is to use all your willpower and strain to break free of your body, and as the above snippet says, “change the direction of your exertion”. For instance if you were trying to levitate out of your body, and got stuck, you could switch to try rolling sideways out of your body, or sinking down through your bed.

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