Part 3 no more parasites, the 22/2/2022 ritual, etc

After I asked Lucifer for help about that thing bothering me it stopped! It was awesome till this day nothing pulling out of my body while saying some strange things sometimes I can understand them and sometimes I don’t. So I decided to do a ritual at first I was hesitating but then I saw the moon on my window in harvest moon it looks yellowish or orangish so I said okay I’m gonna do it and then Imma take a break, so I did the ritual I was super tired because I was waiting for the right time when my family is sleeping or away so I can do it in the bathroom. Then I woke up in the morning I had a class from 8:00 am till 8:50 am I kept changing my alarm clock then I ended up skipping the class, something woke me up at 10:00 am it was like tapping on my back I woke up from it and the moment I woke up I heard “ bael “ I was like “ did I hear that or is it just my mind? I don’t know “ also when I did the ritual I had no idea that it was 22/2/2022 when I was in class I had classes in the afternoon, when I checked my phone I was shocked that today is 22/2/2022! And I did my ritual on 1 Am I felt proud but here is the thing I just remembered that I forgot to draw the circle I was like “ nooooooooo “ but then I was like no I think I did draw I got confused I got everything ready but drawing circle I forgot about it or maybe I didn’t idk lol
But I’m still working with Lucifer I’m not planning to work with any spirit not yet at least.

anyway my bedroom the energy there is pretty bizarre it was always like this but since I joined the left path I started to feel them I’m still working on psychic abilities, meditations, etc but what makes me confused is that sometimes it works I can hear them but in my mind is that I didn’t unlock completely or gotta practice more I remember I did meditation and after it, I was expecting like the spirit is gonna talk to me but I could be wrong but I think I already unlock everything but my mind won’t shut up in other meanings my thoughts won’t stop I sometimes I will remember topics or memories and I found myself talking to myself I’m confused I was thinking am I talking to my subconscious mind or someone else?

I had some dreams that I think it’s meaningless plus I kept forgetting, I told myself it’s probably for the best, but this one it had sigils one of them dreams now that I think about it maybe this dream isn’t meaningless it was very random but I remember I was in roof in building and I saw sigil of King paimon it was very hidden, and on the walls, there were strange sigils or that looks like sigils but in my dream, it was kind of mixed with fiction but the other things in the details it was weird I met this guy in the dream I came out of nowhere I guess I arrived to a new country, it’s definitely not the middle east while I was walking this guy came outside of the house the moment he saw me he welcomed me he is at his 30s or 40s he is caucasian, young but not old, kind of tall his face is so familiar but I do not remember where, he was very nice along with a great hospitality, I met his family I don’t remember much but his house was next to the beach Surprisingly I do in fact like beaches and Islands I love the vibes I’m telling you it might be meaningless but I don’t know. I don’t remember much I didn’t write a journal on it I guess I forgot. There are things that happened in the dream but I don’t remember the full dream or the full details.

At this moment when I go to sleep I feel something touching me at the beginning it was weird I was like “ you left everything in my body and you choose to touch my butt? Touch my back my back is killing me“ then I changed my position I want to know what will I feel next if I changed my position I gotta be sure this isn’t my blanket or whatever, then when I felt comfortable in my position I gotta touches around my hair and my back but it kept coming touching my butt also feet and in my mind, I was like “ who is that? “ it wasn’t annoying or anything negative I slept in peace and I woke up in peace and the touching wasn’t sexual if you are wondering it wasn’t I didn’t feel anything it just feels like someone is very close to me and kept holding me, I do not mind but I am curious to know who is this spirit?

Thank you for reading! I will keep updating about everything I do delay when making a post I just wait for more days and sometimes I would be busy because I have college, currently tho I won’t be busy with college for 10 days I will be on break and while I’m in the break I’m still gonna learn more and do a lot of meditation.

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