Part 2 parasite and how it’s my fault

I got my answers alright, in my previous post I told Lucifer to give me a sign as in a lucid dream and he did then something came to me that kicked me out of the dream entering my body which I thought was a possession but it wasn’t it was this freaking parasite I noticed it started to be involved in an annoying way which makes me confused for example, before I went to bed I read some interesting posts about Guardian angel , guardian demon and that you can ask them to reveal their name in a dream if I’m not mistaken, so I did I asked before going to sleep that they reveal their name honestly Idk how to contact them nor knowing them anyways I had this dream where I was kyro from yakzua lol ( I was playing yakuza all-day in real life ) and I was with this little girl and its Haruka also from yakuza but as old series I know but please bear with me we were standing infront of door she said “ look at the name “ and there is Japanese words it’s like little name on the door l Said “ oh it’s my name “ she said “ no, Azrael “ she was saying it in Japanese and I was like “ Israel? “ and she repeated it again “ Azrael “ and I said “ azra…el? “ then all the sudden I’m inside the room it was morning and that freaking thing is above me so I shaked my body faster and faster while it was talking to me in very slow voice in an unknown language, I woke myself and quickly turned into Muhammad Ali punching right away after I woke up, then I said you are going to pay you crossed the line so I went to take a shower then get everything ready and did a ritual in the bathroom because I gotta burn the offering right? I can’t do it in my room, believe me, I tried once it was a bad idea and also I live with my family it’s very complicated anyways after I’m done with the ritual I asked Lucifer to get rid of this thing and any parasites, etc then I cleaned the place then took shower then I put a sigil of Lucifer between my bedspring then after hours I took shower in saltwater then I put saltwater in every corner in my rooms btw idk if it’s good idea about putting the sigil in my room while also putting salt in every corner my intentions that the saltwater is getting rid of that thing and protected my area while the sigil as cleansing the whole house, body and getting rid of that thing.

Now, this parasite attacked me 4th time in different days
My previous post I asked Lucifer for a sign and he did show me something in my dream but that thing got involved it kicked me out of the dream
Then days later I put a sigil of Lucifer at the little cabinet on my left as protection when I slept I had a dream i don’t remember sorry but at the end out of nowhere I saw like a video from ‘ sons of satan ‘ one of the enn chantings for Samael then
it happened again it came in my back and it said ‘ mrmrmr’ in deep voice then it stopped at my head this time it didn’t exit like I mentioned before
The first time that this happened to me it was when I had covid and I overslept a lot it woke me up saying “ enough…enough “ so yeah it took me awhile to realize it was a parasite and it’s my fault honestly, I did a later of intent idk when exactly but it was before I got COVID Now I didn’t do the full steps only the half it and again I’m an idiot
I rushed things I panicked but got the results it was good kind of confusing then since that attack it changed everything it knew that I hate it like I came in point of not wanting to go to sleep because I don’t want to get that feeling again this sleeping paralysis and that thing interrupting my dream and takes my energy in very annoying rude way. I got rid of all the sigils in my room thinking maybe it came from it’s portal like an impostor or something I read posts about it on banishing some said do the solar but it really confused me so I just did a banishing like telling them to get out then it happened again which got me to ask Lucifer for help Now I hope I explained everything idk if I missed anything but that’s all.

Please note, at this moment the dreams that I got answers from I don’t know if it’s legit or it’s that thing messing around but somehow it’s always interrupting me at the end of the dream.

Let me know your thoughts on this I apologize I’m new and I’m learning everyday I’m also can be an idiot as someone who rushed things or misunderstood something so please care to shine your light on me with guidance.