I banish the fuckers on sight so I don’t know anything about keeping them.


The one I bound I used to send on the people I didn’t like, you wanna know what he wanted to be called? Craigslist because it’s as vast as the ocean rofl

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I had an entity drawn to my anger. Woke up at 3:33 with whispers and my chest shaking. Got a reading from a trusted amigo and sensei, OG LBRP’d the bastard out, yelling and ending with a clap in every room, the whole shebang.

Almost grateful to the bastard, i was in fear of unbounds/parasites before that. Definitely grateful to amigo and sensei though.


I’ve used the Demonic version of this successfully to get rid of nastys to. It’s a great ritual


I’m sorry I can’t find the exact video I was watching though a YouTube search of "archonic parasites " will bring up plenty of info, you just have to sort out the good from the tinfoil.

And also I need to look up the demonic LBRP because that is intriguing sounding…

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This is the one I used. It works beautifully


Ahhhh ive been meaning to bookmark that one, thanks!
Renouncing the demiurge has gotten me to thinking about modifying the LBRP, and ive been practicing the KoF exorcism ive found here, trying to commit it to memory. Will definitely modify it now.

Back to topic: Has anyone got any experiences of encountering a parasite, and then you eat them*?


Jellyfish? do they look like this?
Is interesting, for the image depics an astral being from a fantasy-work that haunts people on their sleep inducing nightmares in their dreams to feed on them.

The only parsite Ive seen clearly was on this guy that claim "I have a parasite attached to me, it is destroying me by my side, it is an agony, it does not let me cure the mental wounds it provokes, soon I will only be an empty base with human form " and that some entity placed it, this guy had problems of drug addiction so his aura was perforated. I saw it before waking up from sleep one day while I was thinking in some way to help him.

That thing looked like a centipede made of some kind of quartz, bluish dark, it did not seem organic because its shape did not have a single curve since everything was composed of angular shapes, legs buried above the head and along the spine, moving as if piercing specific parts of the astral body. It had no face, I only distinguished and red dot on the tip of its head between the mandibles. I assumed it was a thought form programmed for something.

For me it was closer to this

They don’t always communicate when they are roaming about, usually just do their thing and leave (sometimes).

he was bound to me he had no choice but to talk

This is generally how i handle the bastards if they manage to find their way into my sphere of perception. :japanese_ogre: energetic calimari says i :alien: bout as close to active vampirism as i get. After awhile they stopped showing up :laughing: guess most of them got the hint. “Bigger fish in area stay away” :rofl:


Typically I don’t eat them (one of the few things I won’t attempt to devour if they get in my way), but I will burn them away with a blue fire meditation. Which usually ends with some astral black sludge exiting from my mouth, causing a very physical gagging sensation.


I’ve had experiences with the lesser demon parasites.

I don’t know how to describe my relationship with them. The ones that I’ve experienced seemed to have a limit to how much they feed, especially when I was aware of their feeding on me and I willingly allowed them to do so. It’s an interesting challenge to see how much they can siphon and how much you can handle to be taken.

After several feeding sessions, they got to the point where they would pop in my space and simply feed on the energy already present in the room, then be on their way. They have an interestingly ooze-y, tar-like kind of energy.

As time went on, they did get bigger. They’d appear and simply stare at me, while circling me like a shark. They’d wrap around me, but wouldn’t feed. Then one spoke to me. In short, this is what I understood from it. How to siphon “negativity” and feed from it. It’s difficult to describe because you’re essentially feeding and gaining energy from toxins. For me, it was just one of those things you have to feel and do to learn.

I noticed while I was at work, one would jump out of my shadow and feed on people. I worked in retail, so it’s a wonderful feeding ground for them.

Long story short, they do provide a good challenge to your fortitude and can teach you things about yourself. Even if it’s something as simple as teaching you your limits.


I know little about their energetic structure, but from personal experience smoked DMT (and I’m sure ayahuasca as well) is useful for breaking any kind of attachment the parasite has made with your aura/energy body.


May I ask how do you do blue fire meditation?

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How do you “eat” parasites?

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Use the burrito method.

Essentially, you’re folding up the gunk into a giant astral burrito and then–meh I’m just fucking with you.


HAHAHA. Gave me a chuckle.

In simple terms it is Essentially bound,isolated and then peeled like an onion until there is nothing left of its original energetic structure, the remaining ambient energies are then cleansed of toxic compliments and then either absorbed internally or charged into an object or into spell or ritual to give it some extra oomph.