Parasites/gnomes etc books

Anyone know of any books regarding astral parasites, gnomes, and the like they can recommend?

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That’s kind of a big gap between parasites and gnomes.

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Well sure, I am seeking all mentioned and those in between.

gnomes are elemental earth beings.
Maximum info on elementals I got from a book called Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation by Konstantinos. Even that info is few lines and paragraphs.


Really? Why such a short section I wonder?

I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe very few peeps wanna work with them, maybe none cared to write about them :stuck_out_tongue:

For starters until I find something else.

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There are a large amount of books available on elemental magick, which most likely will have more information on the gnomes than a book focused on evocation.

Like this one:

As for parasites, Robert Bruce has info on them in his book The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook.


For gnomes you are best looking into books on Faerie lore rather than elemental beings. You will get much more information.

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Holy Fanoly,

I really wanted something like this, Thanks :slight_smile:

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Some info is here also

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I agree. They are very similar to the brownie fairy type.

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Here are excerpts from this book about parasites. I never bought the whole thing but what he put on the website is pretty informative.

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I’m at work, can’t read it all but from what I did that was interesting. Thank you for the suggestion.

My ultimate goal here is learning how to capture, bottle, and manipulate these beings.


But your job is just reading books and listening to music! :blush:

If you don’t mind, please update. Sounds interesting.

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I made it to test a thought about people’s reactions to strangeness, how i could apply magick to social media, and to try and apply some tactics I see other successful users use.

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