I m going to open a portal tonight and call up a malevolent parasite and let it attach it self to me, and then close the portal, i might also see if there is another one available to unleash it upon the neighborhood as well.


Sounds exciting

As someone that’s felt with a parasite before 10/10 would not recommend, they’re assholes’ granted I did end up binding it… but still! The guy it was attached to was miserable untill we got rid of it.


If you want to become possibly possessed against your will and be drained the fuck out of yourself, go right on ahead. I don’t even think you knew what you were talking about.


I get hating on your neighbors, but yourself? This is really a should or could scenario without a hell of a good reason. Those things are nasty.

What is the practical reason for this?

I dont see many outcomes from this other than said parasite making your own workings weaker from reduced energy and possibly turning life to shit in general. Little buggers are annoying