Parasite banishment through the power of Hell, Satanael and Azazel

I’m not big on the Goetic and Infernal pantheons, but I have worked with some of them in the past on occasion. As a lot of people are having parasite infestation problems lately, it struck me that Satan and the rulers of the Underworld in general would be the best remedy for any such issues. So, I contacted the powers of Hell, to seek advice and help. Satan, in conjunction with Azazel gave me the below little chant that might help to Banish unwanted parasites.

Whether you do this on yourself or someone else, it has to be done with firm conviction and trust in the powers behind it. I would suggest visualising Hellfire ( a coded reference to the base chakra generating burning heat and fire when the Kundalini Serpent is activated) as it rises from below and cleanses the person afflicted from any entity attachments, parasites or unclean spirits.

You should chant this repeatedly and not only see, but feel the fire burning, there should be enough of it to drive away anyone. Do this for as long as you’re satisfied that the entity you want gone has really left.

Also, you will be channelling Satan, in effect, becoming him for the duration of the ritual and commanding any Spirit that does not belong in your immediate vicinity, to leave. You must truly believe that you have become Satan, that you are furious with the entity in question for stepping out of line and banish it to an outer realm, or wherever it belongs. It may just find someone else to pester, but in any case, you have cleansed yourself and / or anyone you do this ritual on.

In the name of Azazel-Satanael you are to leave this body!

Satan commands you to vacate this body!

Azazel commands you to return to the underworld!

It is the power of Hell that commands you,

Leave unclean spirit, leave!

It is the fire of Hell that burns you

It is the fury of His Demons that compels you,

From this body you shall leave

And to your own abode return

Thus commanded by your God.

Spirit, you have no will of your own

By your God you are sent where you must go!

I am your God, Satan and in my name,

Leave this body and this person, (insert name), alone

Or face the fury of your Lord.


I just call on Lord Yeesch