Parasite and dirty energy , Meditation Cleanse

Ok this meditation I made has helped me feel way lighter healthier and my energies feeling great

  1. Picture all your chakras Infront of your body , root chakra to crown chakra
  2. Scan each one in your minds eye, let your intuitive mind bring the surface anything you feel revolving around the chakra , any negativity , any draining , any bad energy , any attachments, anything that causes you to feel the chakra is not functioning properly
  3. Picture a blue light cleansing it and purifying the blackness of the chakra , the blackness will symbolize the dirty energy , or anything hindering the chakra
  4. say in your mind , with the flame of archangel Michael , I cleanse this chakra of any dirty energy , parasites, negative cords or attachments , and I shall let it burn until it is cleansed , picture the flame burning for about 30 seconds to a minute , and breath into the pertaining chakra deeply , let your breath fuel the flames
  5. Picture and emerald light surrounding any chakras you think are damaged , say archangel Raphael let your healing emerald light restore my chakras and energy to their best condition