Paranormal activity

Continued discussion from this, post experiences here:

I’ve actually experienced some of the things he speaks of. Especially that barrier part. In fact when I was doing a lot of evocation at my old house, I’d always do it in my room. Everytime you pass by, you’d feel this wall when you walked through that was extremely pronounced and basically every new bedroom I’ve gotten from that point on now has that barrier. Here’s a pic of my recent bedroom door, for those interested, by the way the green Dot at the top is a smoke detector:

Then last summer around the same time I was working with Azathoth. It was late at night. I was walking around listening to music and I feel this pronounced energy and presence towering around me and I turn around and I see these physical tentacles in my kitchen for like a brief minute. I’m also no stranger to disembodied physical voices, tapping, etc.

What have you experienced? What are your thoughts?

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Ok hold on the pic had WAY MORE light than that. One sec.

I cannot get it to stop, but what sucks is I caught something interesting.

Turns out I win after All, here’s the doorway:

I see a long face on the right and a face on the left, just saw a couple more lol. They look just like the faces I see when I feel a presence and take a picture or when I take a pic of the incense smoke during a ritual

I have had situations where I will hear many voices call my name and I will ask my family if they were calling for me and they will say “no”. It will usually happen when I’m busy. The barrier thing is common for me too; my dad commented once that I had a “confortable” room, recently after my first successful spell worked. Whenever I’m anxious I go to my room because something about it is very welcoming. Anything beyond the doors (one to the hallway and the other to a bathroom) tends to be colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. I used to not have a room that was so welcoming.

Where do I begin? I have been physically assaulted by spirits when I was in my teens and early twenties. I have been awakened in the night by someone calling my name or by a loud noise such as a crashing sound or a loud knocking on my window. Investigation of the sound always revealed nothing. Occasionally to this day I am awakened by foul smells in the room. Once in a cemetery at night I witnessed a green glowing mist pass within a few feet of me before fading out.

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I put my forehead to both the lighted and dark picture of the room ( hallway). I then invited the spirits into me, "Come into me, please. Take possession of me.
I sense like I am staring into another world at my forehead ( 3rd eye ) even as I type this.
I am sensing this now. At least for a few weeks.
So I will keep working on opening up the astral sight.
Fun so far.
I also keep sensing a hand that suddenly rests on my right forearm and hand every now and then.
This has been going on for at least a year.
Nothing scary. Interesting.
So, if you want to send these spirits to me I take them.
Just say to them, “Go into Clayton Ray Davies.”

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