Paranormal Activity / Ouija

I’ve been having a lot of paranormal activity in my house the last little bit. Specifically, I turn the radio on each day before leaving to work and when I get home the radio has been turned off. Also, this evening I ran to the store and when I got back a Nalgene water bottle I had put in the freezer was out on the counter when I got back. After looking at the bottle I’d say it could not of been put out of the freezer longer than a minute, judging by the frost that was initially on the bottle that quickly melted.

I decided to get the Ouija board out then and there to make contact with this entity. I made definite contact with it and the planchete moved across the board stronger, faster than any other time I’ve experienced. But, the answers were nothing intelligible. Upon asking what it’s name was it gave letters and a number. Now, this happens to be a lot when I ask for names. I often get a mixture of letters and numbers.

Have you all had instances of names being spelled out as letter/number combos before? Also, when I asked what kind of an entity it was, it moved the planchete to ‘goodbye’…? I don’t know what to think about all this.

It appears obvious this entity wants to make itself known, but I can’t make any intelligible sense of it all. Judging by the physical actions I’d think this was more than just a wandering spirit. But if so why the lack of intelligible communication?

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

There’s a couple possibilities, one is the entity does not speak the same language as you, and two its name really is a combo of letters and numbers, though I’ve only met one where this was the case.

Defectron, thank you for replying. Have you come across many entities that are unable to converse in English? This might speak to my ignorance, but I’ve always assumed that if an entity had the capacity to make it known they wanted to communicate (especially if capable of moving physical objects around) they would be able to speak in that persons language, no?

Yeah I tried talking to some samurai ghosts once when doing an ouija experiment and I got a bunch of broken japanese words, though the yes/no worked fine.

I suppose it’s more likely than I previously gave notice to. And it would make sense since I’m in a far northern village living with natives of the land and not much outside influence.

Could be an elemental looking for atention, you should banish is quickly so he/she/it gets scared of you the soon the better

Have you tried looking at it from a phonetic perspective on the name? As in if the the pointer went over a 2 then that part of the word woudl be pronounced as “too”?

Hadn’t considered an elemental… are they “strong” enough to move objects?

Kitari, this is a great suggestion. If I remember correctly I had considered that as the planchette was moving around and I was adding the characters up in my memory. Honestly, I haven’t ever had much patience with the Ouija and when the sequence passed my “line” of patience for “gibberish” I dismissed the entity. I feel alright with this decision, because as I said above, if an entity is in my space/home I hold it to my standards… Such as, “you are my guest, and so if you’d like to converse it will be in an intelligible language to Me.”

How do you all feel about this mindset? Where are your bars/standards/patience when it comes to such things??

If I see no meaning immediately I’ll look a little deeper and put some thought into it. (One of the reasons why I use a notebook to jot things down when communicating with spirits) And once I’ve put some time and effort into it if I still have nothing then I’ll dismiss the spirit. I’ve found the ones that are worth a damn eventually come back.