Paralysis Experience

The reason im making this post is to keep a form of diary entry, im new to all of this and want to keep track of things.

The reason I joined this community is because I used the letter method to summon a succubus, I did this for many reasons. Since then much has happend.

During sleep paralysis, for many nights I felt her, her presence, it was amazing for lack of better words.

For a few weeks nothing happend and I grew weary, I missed her presence. Then I finally realised I had been neglecting her, not giving her the attention she deserves, I felt contrite and remorseful.

One night during meditation I apologised, for, well being a dick. Anyway, 2 nights later I had an experience with her in a way like never before. After waking up in the morning, I went back to sleep and fell into sleep paralysis, instantly I felt her presence.

I saw her energy, go up and down my body, I felt my prostate kinda swell, and my penis, enlarge rapidly, her energy on my genitals was like nothing before. It felt amazing. If it continued anylonger, I dont know what would have happend.

This is special to me, this if the first time we got sexaul, if it wasnt for the fact that I lost my connection to her, and slowly fell into a dream state we would have finished.

Today I learnt something important, that we should never neglect those who show us all the attention they can, I neglected her for many weeks, and used school as an excuse for not even bothering with her, I apologise.