Tonight this name was whispered in my mind several times.

Since I was told by the Spider Goddess to start from the basics again, I am going to assume that this new Spirit is one I must work with. Also strangely enough I feel the need to work with Angels alongside the Demons I generally work with.

So who knows about this Spirit? I know he rules over Air which really excites me and I saw an image of him which portrays him as a winged Wolf.

Thanks in advance.

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The last time I did any research on Paralda, I came to the conclusion that they are Raphael.

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I’ve always liked this Archangel just because the energy he gives off is pleasant. If I work with both Archangels and Demons at the same time there wouldn’t be a major problem right? They seem to not hate each other.

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He is an elemental king.

He rules the intellect. He can aid in developing the astral senses. He can also help develop a strong memory, possibly even an eidetic one.

I would wholehearted disagree with what is said above. He is NOT Raphael. He is a completely different being, and not angelic at all, based on my evocations of both.


Thanks for clarifying, I just meant in terms of research I’ve done on the subject. I’m not very good at elemental stuff anyway. Not really an energy you can control in my opinion.

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Well I’m going to approach him as a separate Spirit. I’m quite curious as to what offerings he would like.


Raphael is the archangel that rules over paralda.


I’m sure he would appreciate the standard offerings, like wine, or chocolate, or possibly some creative work done in his name.

i don’t give offerings in my practice so when I evoked him I didn’t give him anything. I evoked him as EA recommended in the evocation course for sense development.


Oh, and i should mention, he can teach you to raise and quell storms :slight_smile:

I found him to be courteous, friendly , and easy to work with. And his Sylphs are lovely.


Sweet I always offer deities Chocolate or Fruit. I also would like to include most of them in my songs that I’m writing.

I really haven’t bought any of these courses or books yet due to current circumstances. In the future I might.

Also interesting for you to mention that. There is a Storm in my area now. Quite Beautiful to say the least.