Paradise lost ever read it?

does it have merit working with Satan Lucifer etc?? are there any truths within its writings??

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It’s basically one of the world’s oldest pieces of fanfiction. And while I don’t know how much use it could be, I think it does a decent job of capturing Lucifer’s personality.


Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s a pretty alright book, just not really that much in a magickal sense.


It could be read as a sort of pathworking if one is so inclined.

Virgil is essentially a tutorly spirit to Dante, guiding him to learn the lesson of each distinct level of Hell, very similar to what someone magically working the Tree of Life does. Each level could be seen as a separate astral “sphere” that Dante has to pass through, gaining knowledge and power along the way.


All though the book Paradise Lost by John Milton is written as a poem split into 10 verses, it gives the perspective from the biblical characters Satan, Adam, Eve, The Son Of God, God The Father, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.

Even if the book has the biblical figures in it, it’s not biblically correct in the way it’s narrated. The characters Adam and Eve is less hierarchical and patriarchical, but more equal.

Virgil wasn’t in the first pubication of the book, but was added in later printings with 2 more chapters that was added shortly after Milton’s death, or at least in the same year he passed away. First printings of the book was in 1667 and Virgil was added in 1674, seven years after the first edition.

I see no similarities between Dante’s Inferno and Paradise Lost, except for the main theme of biblical figures. Dantes Inferno was also published almost 100 years before Paradise Lost. Similar themes, but different stories all together.