Paradigm Shifting

Paradigm Shifting
or A Funny Thing Happened

This is a war. The right hand path has very powerful Magicians and countless, brain-dead slaves. What’s coming economically is planned political change. It’ll happen really fast. And there are so few of us. Just as well that on our path it’s what’s in heads - not the number of heads - that matters.

An effective way of Magickal combat is to use your enemies’ weapons against them. Take the internet, for example. When shifting the masses’ perceptions I always use the tried and tested formula of 4 parts known conspiracy theories, 2 parts interconnecting those well known theories, 2 parts new stuff, 1 part titillatingly sordid perversion and another of pure outrage. I always let it be subtly implied that the fact there’s no evidence at all is all the evidence you need.

I’ve had my material translated into a number of different languages and posted, all for free, by crazy, well meaning, gullible sickos. A noted author published me in one of his books. My stuff is Magickal in nature but political in form. I made up some stuff about a long dead British politician and a few months later saw my assertions as fact in a British newspaper story. I’ve seen how it has changed perceptions both in the televised and real world. One night a very well known politician in my part of the world got on the TV news and complained about ‘…and all that other stuff on the web’ and I knew that it was my handiwork. I even saw my stuff on a demonstrator’s hand held sign. That said, my fan base is America.

Work on stupidity – it’ll never fail you. Heaps of it around. There was an election between two parties, so whoever I picked I had a 50% chance of being correct. Fortunately I got the result right. This convinced countless people that their political system was rigged and some have now effectively disenfranchised themselves. Later, when I was incorrect, I stated that it was just my ploy to get higher votes for the winning politician/party. I was believed both times. Both times!

This is how to get results when shifting paradigms: work on the foundational stupidity, ignorance and prejudice of Homo normalis. It didn’t take that long before my ideas started to become a mythology added to by real bottom-feeders. Even a seventh-day church clinging to the fringes of way out of left field Xtianity started promoting my material. Then a Heavy Metal group just appropriated something I’d invented and used it as their song title.

In retrospect, I should have self published – like a Barbara Cartland of gutter literature – signed a film deal, released a Board Game, taken the profits and be living in the Bahamas. Anyway, what I did was done for material motives, just not money motives and continues to have material manifestations. Sometimes I get a real thrill meandering my way through a slow brandy just before bed time, thinking about how many gormless suckers have bought into my stuff.

But what really thrills me is that I created and still create material changes around the globe by feeding the masses the crap they deserve – by the loving spoonful.
No further details will be given so don’t even ask. I have my reasons.

Old Uncle Al.