This article helped me a great deal in understanding spirituality and meditation.,

Did you or someone you know write this? How did you come to find it?

Thanks for sharing, but since you’re new to the forum you’ll need to post an intro in the New Magicians section. Its a forum rule. Please check your messages.

I found this over a year or so ago via Google search., can’t remember exactly.,

It certainly answers a lot of questions.,

Hi Rob,

because this is a Biblical link, I’ve moved your thread to this section so no-one feels that it’s promoting religion - this is primarily a black magick & Left-Hand Path forum, but this section is set aside for those of us who want to discuss how established religions and magickal practice intersect in our lives. :slight_smile:


It does anything but promote religion but I see your point, it’s well worth a read

Thanks., .,