Paper talismans

Who uses paper only talismans? Are they effective?


Their… A type of talisman. Good for short term, shitty for long term


Considering this will be my first use, I’m just looking for results. The longevity isn’t so important so long as I can make a new talisman.


It doesn’t make a difference really. The Seals of Solomon and Seals of Moses for example are commonly made out of paper, and they work just fine. :+1:


I do but that’s because I can’t afford anything else



IMO you can have a damn good practice with a notebook and some Sharpies.


How is the effectiveness of Talismans overall ? lest say if its one from a spirit its self?
like Taliahad


I used paper runic talismans. I have found them are quite effective. Also such talismans could be easily deactivated, if something went wrong.


Paper or plastic? (Bags. Someone on here has to get that one.)

Yes, there is always this debate over whether paper or metal talismans are more effective. It depends on their usage and purpose. Paper is more disposable, you can just burn it up when you’re done. Plastic is a little more resilient. Nothing beats metal though even if it rusts or tarnishes. Digital is zeros and ones in computer memory. It’s okay as long as you save it. You can just delete it when you’re done.

Now, various grimoires have always had detailed instructions and rituals on which metal that is to be used for which planetary/astrological alignment, and at which time under the lunar phase the talisman should be created etc. While all that may be suitable for some purposes, most of the time, paper is best.

This is the digital area where it is much more easier to just print out a talisman or design a custom one using programs like Photoshop,, or GIMP. Not to mention that if you have a 3D Printer that can create plastic or even metal talismans on the spot!

To sum up:

Metals like gold, silver, pewter, tin, aluminum, brass etc. conduct electrical energy and are said to hold a charge. That’s why it’s important to cleanse and consecrate those “mass-produced”, “store/online-bought” talismans first and then impress the object with your own intention and will.

For permanent stuff, metal. For temporary stuff, paper.


Talismans are effective when understood (connected to) and empowered. In example, the solar talisman I was once prescribed worked very well, so much so that I upgraded it. I think the planetary factor may have something to do with it on a consecration level, but IMO the real power of it comes from the thousands of years of cultural consciousness connected to the symbol. Lot’s of minds have viewed the solar aspect in a savior or life giving capacity, so there is a lot of power in that common focus of consciousness.

I’m starting to think that this is also a huge amount of why using planetary factors boosts workings (non-spirit based).


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