Paper Radionics, using Seals

Good morning everyone,
These days I’m experimenting with radionics, I find it a fantastic science.
But I’m still a beginner, precisely I’m using the plasticized paper circuits to start with.

But I wonder: is it possible to make a request via radionics to an entity (angelic or demonic) with its seal and a piece of paper with the request?

I know people who do this with saints and some sacred images, and it works!
But I wonder if it can work with seals instead.


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And i can put in the Decagon and next in Success Graphic the entity sigils with request without any problems?

I mean:
Since I’m calling these entities without the usual procedure, can’t they get angry if I send them the request via radionics without giving them anything in return?
You already tried? I’m afraid of any unpleasant effects

Yes it is. I’ve done this many times in the past and i plan to do it many more times in the future.

Not only that, but you can do the same with just a name. If all you have is a sigil and no name (or a name with no sigil), it can still work.

As long as you have a workable radionic machine you can accomplish things using only sigils. The more correspondences you have, the better it will work. But a sigil can be enough if you have an effective machine.

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Ok i will try it, thanks!

And eventually if i want to use a Demon Sigil with radionics, i have to do offering like normal evocation procedure or is not necessary? And
I need to protect myself?
Ok thanks.

No, the sigil binds the spirit to the act. You don’t need to give any reward if you don’t want to. I’ve done with and without reward, it doesn’t make a difference.

You also don’t need to do protections. The spirit is working with the trend, not with you. And the machine is doing the empowering. But make sure you don’t leave any fingerprints or blood on the transmission pad of your machine, or you’ll be in the broadcast and that can put the energy of your broadcast onto you, which you may or may not want to happen.

Exactly only the paper graphics, not the machine

I’m not using radionics machine but the paper plastic radionics graphics. It’s the same, or its more risky? I dont know if in this case my Energy Will incorporate in the broadcast.
I will put the intent and the sigil in “decagon” and next in “vortex”

Respectfully, the paper radionic patterns you find on the internet are hot garbage. You’re better off to get a REAL working radionic circuit than to play pretend.

Isuret Polos forks his AetherOne Pi radionic program for free on GitHub. You can use Pi on its own, but it’s ideally meant to work in tandem with the Radionics Protocol on a separate microcontroller (Polos recommends the Arduino Mega or a similarly-powered unit).

Pi + Protocol is a fully-working microcontroller-based radionic machine with a feedback loop for verifying when your work is active. The Arduino is around $50USD, so this is the cheapest and best radionic machine you can get i personally know of.

The Pi manual is here. Polos also has a VK forum for Pi + Protocol users. There’s also an AetherOne user group on Facebook with great information. 3 places to learn to use Pi + Protocol, or Pi by itself.


Wow ok!
I know arduino very well

Thanks for the hint!

I will check out this

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