Papa Legba's dream


Today I had a dream and I wanted to share my experiencies with you. I’ve always had very vivid an sometimes prophetic dreams and I’ve always been able to remember them. Dreams play an important role in my ascent.

In my dream a went to a shop in the middle of the street where a couple of Haitian people were in charge. It is not uncommon for me to see Haitian people because there are many inmigrants from Haiti coming to the country I currently live in.

I approached the couple and I started speaking French to them, which is one of the languages I learned when a was a kid. Not a lot of people speak French in this country so the couple was very surprised. I remember that the woman gave something like water to drink, which I did, and told me that I had Papa Legba’s blessing.

There was a period of time after this and I remember me being possesed in my dream by Papa Ledga. I remember that the floor was of dirt and that I was scratching it with my bare hands. I remember that I was in the middle of a circle with candles and I also think I saw a multitude of Haitina people surrounding me and something red.

I remember that after the possesed passed I said to myself: “That wasn’t to bad! I though it would be worse!”.

Any thoughts?