Papa Legba Petition And meeting

Hello guys.I have a completed petition and all I need to know is how to call Papa Legba at the crossroads. How do you call him/evoke him at the crossroads? Is it necessary to call him at the crossroads And have With me his Veve? And can I call him any time or it’s important at night. Thanks for all information guys.


Your first meeting should be at the crossroads. You should bring offerings of sweets, honey, rum and a cigar. Also red palm oil which he likes. One red candle in a jar to leave at the place. At least that’s how I did it. Once you have your initial contact. You can c all him on your home or temple.


You can do it the same way @dakkel said or you could just form his veve on any surface, call upon Papa legba and do a ritual with Papa legba. I know it´s not orthodox but to some people it works because they have been called to work with Papa legba intensively for a while. I guess it´s the perks of saturnian necromancy once again. Door opening and all…


So I will come to the crossroads with his Veve I will put it on the ground And call Papa Legba but then what to do with his Veve And my Petition? It’s important, or I can go to the crossroads without Veve And call him And what to do With my Petition when I arrive at the crossroads.

You could do it in a way that you burn the petittion on a bowl of some kind. The bowl would be on top of the veve. And yes, it is presumed that you would create the veve when you call upon Papa legba.

Go to the crossroads and with a “cascarilla” or chalk write his Veve and open it. It helps if you put a red candle in each point of the cross on his veve. Then knock the floor three times and call papa legba. Blow some tobacco to the veve and present each offering once his presence is felt. Tell him what you bring and then tell him why. Blow some rum or spill it on the veve and thanks him. Leave everything there as he will choose what happens. Be aware of your thought or take four cowry shells for divination or Chamalongos. He might even instruct you on spells and rituals you might need.


It is important to note: Haitian voudan is not like any other path. All of your ritual tools are provided by everything around you. It is not even close to regular evocations with say daemons in the traditional sense. In the Haitian voudan course E.A suggested taking a vow of silence for 3 days then the first words you speak are “Papa Legba”. Veve’s are relatively newish I have found them helpful, but in voudan when you call on a LWA a possession happens Everytime when done successfully


For me I just call him with respect

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Use a veve to their helpful

All evocations result in a type of possetio. Whether is channeling the spirit or the spirit taking control of your being. But I agree that voudon is more shamanic compared to European magick that is more priestly.

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There is no cross roads in the uk, what would be the equivalent?

Any place where two ways intersect to make four can be used. Even the unrban ones where traffic light is. When I lived in New York I used an intersection that has a traffic light. What I did is made the ritual there and the offerings disposed in the woods or any natural place. If that don’t work for you make the dikenga that is the Kongo cosmogram and use that as a spiritual crossroad.

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You can call him at any crossroads (3 or 4 way), the doorway to any other world (sacred space), like cemetery, church, courthouse, etc. or even in the woods or the local dump.
If you have the veve and can work it, you can call him to that spot. That is the point of a veve.

There are. A round about that goes four ways will do

Or a railway crossing the road cars pass. There is a pedestrian bridge that crosses a rail way track…I use it too

has he helped you? Have you gotten results?