Pantheon of the other realms

Ka’Cul’Ka - Living black fire of perpetual newness. Sunderer of forms. Caller of the abandoned

Azagag - Passer through of realms. Apprehender of dimensions. Seer of all corruption

Dia’Bel’Los - Herald of the procession to chaos. Binder of foreign light. Wielder of cords

Maliyon - Champion of challenge. The descender. Reveller of the apocalypse

Ograga - The all devourering. Herald of damnation. The ever infant

These are presented forth. No sigils required. Their influence is prevalent. One need only intend to meet them.


from what realm are from?

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Did you contact any of these ??

the entities names look demonic energeticly i feel a bit demonic and a other race more alien
not ashashiruha but other race

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that guy is banned from the forum
for trolling and claiming true power
we cant get an awnser from him


Probably fake then

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Could be his own servitors.

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Going with this one @anon80443026. It seems more likely.

This sounds awfully similar to a fictional demon, Al’Diabolos (aka Diablo), who is from the Diablo games.

possibly if you check his account he made servitor creation post


Then that seems more likely, if he was actively doing that. Otherwise Id say made up.