PanParadox - Pan Towards Chaos

The book can be found [URL=]here[/URL].

Is anybody else here an owner of this book and would like to talk about it?

[quote=“Dagon, post:1, topic:5027”]The book can be found [URL=]here[/URL].

Is anybody else here an owner of this book and would like to talk about it?[/quote]

What are you wanting to discuss?

Thanks for the reply, c.j.

Getting other’s thoughts on the book and their experiences working with the book would be great, but specifically I had some loose ends that I need help tying up because there are places that the author is rather vague.

For example, in the end of the chapter on the Pan incarnation as Grimalkin there appears to be on two pages two separate loose sigils. Are those sigils and are they sigils for evoking Pan in the form of Grimalkin?

Also, while sigils are given for each of Pan’s children, not much discussion is given what each one does if in fact they can each give the magician something different once evoked. All I know is from mythology where the Pans helped Dionysus in the Indian campaign.

I can’t give you a straight forward answer on the sigils because I haven’t worked with them and it’s been a while since I’ve reread this book.

I think Ekortu/Vexior is vague on purpose when it comes to working with the spirits of his practice because he wants to inspire you to walk and create your own path towards Chaos. The message is there, you just have to piece it together and fill in the blanks with personal gnosis if you want to create a system that works with the Pan and/or Grimalkin that he describes from an anti cosmic point of view.

I hope this helps, I’m a bit sleep deprived right now and I need to catch a few zzz before I loose my sanity. lol

I’ll catch you later Dagon.

Thanks c.j., yeah that helps a little bit. This is my first book of his so I was a little confused and wondering if I had missed something. I’ll re-read and work though it as best I can.