Palm lines

Can someone tell me why new lines are appearing on my palms, letters and other unique markings?

Not a expert in palmistry, but a have quiet a good experience in it.

It depends which lines are formed, whether they are minor lines or major lines, could u also pls specify which type of markings are formed especially on which mount /sector of ur hand.

It normally happens due to a very profound change in the knowledge and understanding of the person, can be caused to due to start of a new path , a marriage, or anything.

When u analyse the right hand of small children aged between 2 yrs to 6 yrs, in most cases thier hand shows some major changes, after every few months, it’s bcs thier mind and luck is not yet stable and will keep changing fue to the things they learn from thier parents, environment, chosing field etc.

Without a pic it’s quiet difficult to analyse what it actually means.

My left hand is the first picture and my right is my second. My left hand has a t shaped tippie type shape on my line of heart. A triangle on the line of head though it’s minor, every single time I look at my hand more and more x’s pop up. I read somewhere that it’s rare to have more then 20 x’s, is that true. I don’t know if your going to be able to see it but I have probably around 25 x’s on both my hands. One day a black dot just appeared on my right hand by the mount of Venus. There is a triangle right underneath my third right finger on the heart line.

If someone can read my palms that would be amazing😀

Ok let’s talk about ur mole on mount of venus first, it isn’t considered good as means either u will indulge in immoral behavior releated to sex, with anyone can be ur wife or girlfriend or some stranger, if not u will be face false allegations of assault (sexual) .
Analysing ur venus mount, it not much elabated a bit normal, it shows that u r not much of creep or a person with loose character, everyone lusts but having a loose character is a diffewnt thing. So mostly it will be other way around and u might be falsely accused of sexual assault. So take care about ur preference, nothing is set in stone but this sign will once in lifetime show it’s effect . There isn’t much legal issues visible so might be just a small defamation on you.

Then talking about ur fingers looks the index finger is quite taller and surpassing ur ring finger (third one), it means u own innate leadership qualities, a dominant nature and won’t like ego hurts.

The smallest finger or the finger above mount of mercury (not a native English speakers so don’t know much on names of finger) looks quite ok neither big nor small, u will have a decent communication skill, avaerage communication.

Ur thumb is quite unique and I don’t know ow why does it have so many partitions, but the build shows u r a lil bit flexible type of person and will easily get along in new environment

Now moving on to build of complete hand, a squre palm, normally is considered good, most of people have squre type of hand.

U r right hand is much pinkish than ur left hand which is a good thing, pink represents prosperity, but it does not mean u will become super rich or something like that, it just signifies u always will have a flow of cash in ur hands. Which is good bcz people with such sign rarely run of money (homelessness, debt crisis), if something of that sort happens it doesn’t last longer than a week.

Now about crosses ya there are many, and yes it’s rare, it means different things in different cultures, but mostly in such cases only crosses at major places is considered. For this thing, u should post it in some palmistry forum, bcs in occult forums u might only get few people reading natal charts, but very rarely palm reading.

Ur mount on index finger is good again signifying innate leadership qualities.

U r type of cool type of person means not a hot head, and will ovcasioanly lose ur temper. And even if ur angry u will know what u r doing.

Now left hand signifies birth gifted fortune and right the on u make on ur own.

In left hand that’s a line entering from mount of moon, from the edge of the hand, It signifies travel to distant or foreign lands. And it isn’t present that strongly in right hand but it’s still there, believe me u will work somewhere outside of ur birthplace normally , a different country at the peak of ur career, u will get profit either from something related to foreign products, export important, or will work for an MNC that tenders foreign clients.

U r heart line ends at a sweet spot neither emotional nor very stone hearted.

U have a star not cross on ur middle or appolo finger mount, in left hand it’s very lucky, but it’s not there in right hand. Just bcs it there even in one of ur hand , it will give enough attention from the people around u when u speak or just be there, it would have magnificent results if it was also in ur right hand.

U will have a quiet a good income means a good house, and a decent car like. (Don’t assume a mansion and a sports car) , some money to always spend in ur hobbies etc. Cash flow should start by 25-30 yrs of ur age of u put required effort.

U have a small mercurial line and a another star in index finger in ur right hands, stars are extremely lucky, it again signifies google in business and manager level activities.

The triangle in right hand is nothing but ur appolo star reforming and it’s a good sign even if it’s a triangle.

Looks like the hand of an unmarried person, betrayed in relationships but with clear work, career and generally stable situation