"Pair with me"

I heard you call out in my mind. Clear and loud, females voice. This message is for you if you see it.
Who are you?

What did it say to you?

“Zakeris, pair with me”.
That’s all I got.

At least I think the first word was Zakeris, as I heard “…keris, pair with me”

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Hm, interesting… Tell me more when you will find out who it was. I am “searching” for someone, but i have no one in particular and i for sure don’t go speaking in other peoples heads :smiley:

Are you using some psychic comunication technique to speak to someone?

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No, but I am searching for someone as well right. We’ll see where it goes

I am more interested why you thought that someone from this forum was calling your name hmm…

I am in search for someone that i don’t even know yet, but i know that i will meet “them” in the future to complete some task or mission that i don’t fully understand about now.

Well, good luck finding out “the voice” author. Also, maybe it was just some random spirit who tryed to get your attention.


Perhaps. Thank you!

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