Painting Offering to the magnificent Prince Mammon

I made this as an offering in the honor of Prince Mammon! I still feel like it NEEDS something but I can’t put my finger on it. What do y’all think?

(I finger paint these using my fingers, leaves, flower stems and pedals. I used the last of my glue for the coins xD)


I think this is so cool, I love art offerings.
Maybe you’d wanna experiment with gold leaf and whatever material you want next time?
I feel like the left and right corners are empty and not in a minimalistic way.
Maybe add some coins up there but you already used your glue. Maybe draw some symbolic symbols or mark making?
Maybe a small cursive letter to him in both boxes?
Oh I see you have glitter, maybe add a thin layer of clear glitter across it all ?

I tbh am going too artsy on it, I think it looks beautiful as is, as an offering from your heart:)

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Put on some red lip stick and give it a big kiss in the upper left corner.


I really wanted to use gold leaf and stuff but I couldn’t afford it, so I used some lace that my nanna used in her sewing. My nanna has dementia and arthritis and her hands don’t work too good anymore so I used the prettiest ribbon she had. It’s highly sentimental. The other marking is a sigil to King Mammon I made out of the letters of his name, I really wanted to do more but the things I want to do may sound a bit weird.

I was thinking of using some hand skinned furs in this, because when you think fur, you think wealth, but I’m hesitant.

I left the corners empty to be more like, elegant. Like, I’m so fancy and rich I don’t have to prove it sort of thing. But I do worry about it not being enough


Then in that case the empty spaces have purpose. I think that is sick.
I also really like the idea of furs! If they’re ethically sourced, (or if you’re doing it yourself, which adds even more value) there’s no issue, I feel like using animal bones or fur is actually really common for offerings. Go all out:)))

Gold leaf where I am is like 9 dollars at this store called Michaels.

I’ve had pet rats and mice over the years that I skin and use parts of their bodies when they die to honor them, very old fashioned I know, but I was raised that when an animal dies, you honor them if you use every part of them.

I have very plush rat and mouse furs that I could use, and because I loved them dearly when they were alive, I figure it’d be a very meaningful sacrifice.

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I wish more people were like that, actually. I think that’s beautiful as a practice. I honestly bet Lord Mammon would love that. It kind of feels like honoring both your pets (showing once again that they mean that much to you) and him, if you would use their pelts as an offering. c: