Paimon appeared to me as a woman?

So last week I built a prosperity altar calling on all the spirits I currently work with who can handle prosperity issues even if its a lesser known talent…but it seems as though they all got together and decided to patch me through to someone else

A couple of days ago while meditating I met a new spirit a woman with coins pouring from her hands

After going with the flow and trying to understand her more she revealed to me she was a feminine aspect of King Paimon

Instead of questioning why Paimon would appear to me as a chick I just rolled with it

I immediately noticed its presence seemed to make the room warmer and long story short it melted one of my light bulbs and over heated a jar candle I often use

I’m quite sure if it meant ill my house would have burnt down. I think it was just trying to get my attention outside a trance state

Since the spirit also seemed to manifest with a noticeable cherry fragrance I gave an offering of cherry scented goats milk soap

And then two masculine figures started showing up after Paimon which I’m thinking are the two princes that often accompany him/her?

While doing research I also found a refrence to Paimon having once been thought of as a goddess vs a man

I thought it was interesting and as this spirit seems to be operating as Paimon felt comfortable sharing it

Time will tell if she/he sticks around and what kind of relationship we will be able to develop

This is copy and pasted from wikipedia

“Practising occultist Carroll “Poke” Runyon suggests that the name ultimately derives from “a Middle Eastern Pagan Goddess”, on the grounds that some manuscripts depict King Paimon as a young woman riding a camel, and that the name “Paimon” purportedly meant “a tinkling sound” in an unspecified language, in turn a claimed reference to Isis”

Source: Paimon - Wikipedia

Just so you guys know I knew nothing about Paimon before this new spirit started showing up so I was pretty floored about the gender swap issue but makes me feel it’s pretty legit


The ”unspecified language“ is Hebrew. The root PMN denotes a kind of small bell that high priests used to have on their robes, hence the reference to the tinkling sounds. However, the name is not Hebrew in origin.

King Paimon can appear as a woman, which isn’t totally unusual since spirits can choose their gender or appearance. Usually, there is a reason why He would appear as a woman to you. Maybe it’s a hint that you should get in touch with a certain aspect, who knows. You can always ask Him to clarify that.


Oh good point!! Thank you. Yes I always look for the symbolism with them as well. So far I think it may be a sign to get in touch with the side of me that’s willing to take bigger risks

But I haven’t thought to directly ask I will do a divination for that

Thank you

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When @Lady_Eva went looking for information on my past life prosperity binding for me a few years ago, she spoke with a female figure calling herself Paimonia. I have often wondered if it was the female aspect of King Paimon.



Thank you for sharing that!! Could have been!!

I actually think its pretty cool it chose to appear as a woman

Also thinking about events the days prior leading up to meeting her I was out to dinner with my family and the waitress brought us a bowl of cherries which we did not order as well as some free croissants which we also didn’t order

But we won’t argue with free stuff

Also those croissants were delicious very sweet and buttery tasted like doughnuts

So now I’m seeing Paimon does appreciate fruit sweets tea and I’m guessing things that go with tea like croissants

Well at least it doesn’t leave me guessing what it likes :laughing:

What more did you learn from your binding experience? Anything you’re comfortable sharing?

King Paimon can appear in many forms, since he’s a spirit. That’s not something new.

That’s a really powerful aspect of King Paimon indeed. It’s not his female aspect (though I guess it could take such form).

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Well I’m not saying its new I actually showed a link that was stating the contrary it could be old not new

I was just sharing because I thought it was interesting and while yes any spirit can take any form for any reason I didn’t see too much on the forum about Paimon’s feminine side so decided to share my experience and findings

Him being a spirit is honestly isn’t why he can “appear as anything” lol albeit Paimonia…but Paimon has a male and female form, the race of demon he is has that capability. He’s shown me his female form once only because I asked him to. Him being a spirit doesn’t automatically mean he can be anything and change to anything, the term spirit is honestly used way too loosely.


Yes of course, it’s a great share! It’s true that it’s kinda rare to see him using a female form.

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