Pacts with the Demons

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If you were to make a pact with any demon, would be a pact that a mutual benefit would exist, a party would maximize its gain over the other, or a commitment from one party to the other?

Your thoughts would be great!!!


It seems to me, from my personal studies, that every pact is different. However, according to some of what EA and Dante suggest about the pacts they have made, is basically handing your entire life, every aspect of it, over to the demon for a pre-agreed upon period of time. Before, during, and/or after which the demon delivers his end of the bargain to you.
I would assume, however, that any type of agreement may be entered into with a demon and be referred to as a pact without having to hand your entire life over to the entity. But that’s just my assumption. I could very easily be wrong. :slight_smile:

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A pact comes in many different shapes and sizes - it also depends on your personal circumstances and what you’re able to provide as a pact, more than often the demon will come to an agreement. At one point I was only able to offer a couple of black 7 day candles in exchange for the demon’s assistance, and it agreed! Respect and gratitude goes a long way, and the demon will remember you for that. Make sure you keep your pact, and don’t promise more than you’re able to provide!!!

I can’t imagine what a demon would want with a candle.

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I can’t imagine what a demon would want with a candle.


I’m sorry; I mean no disrespect at all, but this is just damn funny! :wink: Z

Well offerings to spirits such as candles, incense, alcohol or other substances are accepted as a gift because in the spirit world they do not have these things and are not capable of obtaining and enjoying them like we do in this realm of Malkuth. When we give these things to them as food. It holds power in it… so it does not matter if it is food, incense, prayer or blood… it holds power and some spirits may be specific in what type of offering they want so they can absorb the power from the offering in the ether.

Hmm. I’ve never actually had that explained to me … Tx, Scarlett!13~~ :wink: Z

Hi Scarlett13,

I recently read that offerings are very important. Anyone read the book ‘Chinese Taoist Sorcery’? In that book, it suggests always presenting offerings to ancestors, Gods, spirits by burning spirit money in the temple… actual money that they may use in their realm, along with laying out food, drink, candles, incense for them to absorb the energy of. Apparently burning the spirit money is very important if you want favors from the entities called upon.

I don’t know how true this is and anyone with experience along these lines it would be great to hear your thoughts as well. I’d like to know what is done with the food and other offerings after the ritual? Do you throw it away, eat it or something else, assuming you follow this tradition.

Yes, great explanation Scarlette13 :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ve never heard that either.
As far as burning the money goes - I’m not so sure there would be anything like money in the spiritual. Though, I can’t say for sure. There may very well be certain realms where there is some form of currency. However - seeing as that in the astral and up, anything can be created and sustained - I find this harder to believe - but I never put anything past possibility :slight_smile:

I do not mean to argue, and if giving offerings works for you, then so be it. But to me, the idea of giving entities from entirely different planes of existence who possess godlike power things like candles and money, just isn’t my cup of tea.

It is not necessary to give anything

Exactly. However, some mindsets do require it. And when you’re in that place, it does do what it’s supposed to. However, I do agree with you. In fact, this is a point that EA brings up tons. Especially with demonic entities, all they want is to use their power - giving them a task is payment enough.

Some of them likes fire…A LOT.
Especially when you look into systems such as Petro vodou and Makaya. Fire holds both respect and power.

I will look into it, perhaps I am mistaken.


I have been tempted to use a website called to make a pact with the devil

i have failed before to make a pact with the devil using witches on ebay and have been told by the witches that Lucifer does not want my soul and that my soul belonged to me like it’s a liability for Lucifer to own my soul in exchange for what i want

could somebody tell me if this is a good idea to use the website. Are results guaranteed?

You can’t “sell” your soul. It is your inherent Godself. Selling, or losing, your soul is impossible, and is simply an invention of the Church to rob you of your Power. What would “the Devil” want with your soul? That website is a joke. And why would you want to, anyway? Develop it, and take what you want instead.

I’ll buy your soul from you, can’t be worth much since your so willing to part with it.

P.M. If interested…I’m totally legit and have bought other members souls. I bought Orismen’s soul in exchange for a kick-ass beard, Lady Eva sold me her soul for a superior intellect and some canned chilli. I gave Elison’s soul to a retarded kid down the block he wasn’t using it anyways.

Beard is 10/10 would sell soul again.

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Damn, TWF, I’d sell mine for some of that canned chilli…

You could just get some from the store but that’s nowhere near as dark and badass as you exchanging a blood soaked parchment by candlelight as I slowly slide a dented can of chilli across the table with a maniacal grin. Oh the look on your face when you realize you just sold your soul for chili without beans as I stroke my beard with a sinister flair mwuhahahaha!