Pacts with demons

Can i make a pact with azazel without materializing him and still get results and if so how

No. You must go through the ritual of evocation to make a pact. Especially with Azazel. He will not help magicians whom won’t do the work of evoking. EVEN when you make a pact with him, he will still tell you to do shit yourself and make you work, as because he is a teacher of magicians not a servant. He will assist you in things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do yourself. But If you want servant spirits use some in the Goetia.

With Azazel Probably like with other Demon, but since each demon is diffrerent i’m not sure, What i’m sure by experience is that you can Make Pact with Demon without a Full Physical Materialisation, If your able to Call His Presence in the Room, You can do a Pact.

For Sure a Full materialisation is best and recommended, But if you can’t Dont worry, Work to achieve it but dont let this stop yourself in your ascent.

Mephistor said it better. Just evoke him to feel his presence.