Pacts - realisation about Azazels Terms

It became apparent that the Pact with Azazel seemed to hinge on the basis that no other evocation or interference would be tolerated by Azazel.

It was very clear that Azazel knew you were able to undo - change and disrupt the flow of all that was being performed if EA had actually started to work his magick - which tells me that:

  • You can have too many chefs spoiling the broth
  • At any time the actual events planned could have been disrupted and the whole effect of the Demonic Planning and work would have been wasted that Azazel was performing, even though his terms seemed ‘restrictive’ on the surface (to me at least, and a little off putting) but now its very clear…

The entire topic of pacts was covered pretty darn well - nice work EA

that makes sense. pacts are contracts. the last thing you want to do is commit to two masters if you want to fulfill the contract you are creating