Pacts and the man who sold his soul. Are pacts really real?

I’ll simplify the story a lot, because I can not talk about everything that happened.
I met a very clever man who told me his story, he is 60 today, not even his family knows the story, but he sold his soul to Lucifer, when he was 21. he explained a lot about nature of the spirits and Lucifer
He said that I was one of the few souls to whom he was telling this. He said he lost his wife during this pact and if he knew that the price to pay was so high, he would not have done it, but he managed to get out of the pact and today he is recovered, the story of this guy is incredible, a long time ago that this happened, 1981.
I told him that he had made a wrong pact because he must be very attentive in writing the pact and he said he did not specify the time and nothing
He said that Lucifer never fulfills the contract, he got what he wanted for very little time, he participated in covens, met influential people who participated in these things, but then he paid a very high price.
These days I was thinking of making a pact, but if what he told me is really true, it will not be good to do that.
He advised me in every way not to make a covenant, but I still have to experiment in the flesh and see with my own eyes if this is true.


I think it just depends on whether or not somebody’s cut out for it. Is that person spiritual enough to attract what they’re hoping to get out of it?

If they’re not, it’s just going to destroy them. It’s like what happened to me in the physical world. I didn’t really belong there. If I hadn’t gotten out, it would’ve killed me. I’m not physical enough to attract success with physical means.

I suspect that anybody who uses pacts is automatically in danger because it means the relationship isn’t natural.

It’s only “selling your soul” if you’re not supposed to be doing it in the first place.

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I’m just gonna leave this here.

Not even remotely true. There are tons of success stories on this forum revolving around evoking/invoking Lucifer for something.


Lucifer fulfilled what he wanted, he said that as soon as he made the covenant, it happened, but after a few years he took away all that he had.
But he said that he will accompany me in this dance with Lucifer, I hope to get along, although he does not recommend me.