Pact with Mepsitahl

Last night I completed my initiatory journey unto Fire with great success. Upon my last visions of Sastan began to fade I threw his sigil into the flame letting go all the energy and build-up that has been with me for 11 days.

This morning I began my scrying session with Mepsitahl. Below is my altar as I always have it, this time with blue candles and her sigil. I see nothing wrong with having an eclectic altar and alchemically bringing mixed forces together,at least on an altar scale. I create my reality, as a living god I chose what,when, and how ( I believe this is the fire side of me speaking)

I am moving clockwise(deosil) as i pathwork the elements and evoke their power unto me. For Mepistahl I am facing west on the floor(not using the altar again, feels more grounded and effectual on the floor relaxed. Gods sit and relax, not standing for hours at a time). Thrones are built for gods, those who stand assist…period.

I decided to “improvise” my beginnings with the water element by calling upon Mepsitahl as she is the initiator of visions,clairvoyance,clairaudience,dreams,etc…

My setup consisted of the following:

One blue floor cloth
two blue votive candles
one ritual cup with water
Tarot deck(using the Giger deck as it feels powerful and the images are evocative)
One black bowl with water
One black scrying mirror large with plate stand
My amethyst skull (goes wherever I go)
notebook with pre-made questions
Brass plate with pentagram and cali white sage
Sigil on cheap paper

Notice I have two mediums; bowl and mirror. The reason being that I wanted to learn the art of scrying on both. Mepsitahl explained to me that “she is everywhere” and so having both and gazing at one then the other facilitates my visions tremendously.

I recited the 2nd incantation wobblilng back and forth. I began to feel quite light headed as the scent of the sage transported me elsewhere.

I began gazing at the sigil for a few momewnts. I chanted her name with praises and love. The desire within me began to grow…a desire of love(best way to describe) of affection and understanding.

"Mepsitahl…mepsitahl…daughter of nepture…beauty as divine as the oceans…mepsitahl…etc…

Slowly I began to seriously “feel” a presence almost descending down to me. As opposed to fire which moves quickly and ignites, the water element “flows” unto you. The presence was definitely felt this morning(which as of this writing It continues to linger within me).

My conjuration was a if I was courting a beautiful woman whose shyness was intoxicating and alluring at the same time.

Let me first say that mepsitahl is VERY shy. For her to appear within a bowl of water or mirror is true revelation. However, she appeared to me in my mind in the most descriptive references that I could not imagine nor create.

A woman in her mid twenties, ivory skin smooth as pearls to the touch. Long straight white hair flowing very slowly.purple/blue Eyes as old as the universe yet new and invigorating to the magician. Gem stone on her forehead. Her body draped in a transparent blue cloak moving as if under the oceans of time.

This vision began to take sure power that behind her a silver glow of rays came from behind her shimmering like fallen stars reawakening her presence.

From this point on I began to ask her to allow me to see her within the mirror. For me, using the mirror all these years, all I could see were blue or red outlines of spirits but now I wanted the sight to appear as fresh as morning on the mirror. This is easier said than done. Magically awakening the sight with a mirror is patience and work. I did see a woman but then it vanished. My bowl of water was also not as charged. My mind, on the other hand,saw everything there was to see of her.

I had several questions ready and she answered all of them. I also had a request to make a pact with her to learn all she knows and impart her wisdom unto me. She agreed. For twelve days she will be revealing her secrets( a list of which is so long that it took several pages from my notebook).

For an idea on how I verify the visions I receive and know that what I was conversing with is the spirit in question, re-read my earlier posts on sastan. There’s no need for redundancy.

As opposed to Sastan, Mepsitahl is very specific on how to evoke her to full manifestation(mirror or physical). This means she gave me full instructions on number of candles,colors,orientation,etc…

Later tonight I will upload a digital painting of this amazing woman. Her presence is nothing short of angelic or…love…

NOTE: I will also draw some fire beings that I have personally evoked through flame(less their names for confidentiality) even my androgynous fire familiar(whose an angel of sorts).


As a side note, I have received inquiries asking an interesting question:

"if you already have the sight and feel powerful, why not evoke Azazel or Belial"
Great question.

My motivation is to first acquire the power of the earth, or more specifically, all four elements unto me. I need to prove my worth prior to calling such demons to assistance. This of course is just me. I feel, even though I have been in the magickal vein so to speak for many years, to demonstrate my balance,my worth, my dedication. This week I plan on physically evoking the fire king Djinn. Upon completion of water it will be Nichsa…etc…

Magick is about being a boy scout(or girl scout), earning your badge in the astral. Letting them know you’re a serious fucker with control, and what better way to earn this control then by obtaining the powers of earth(not heaven), the inverted pentagram points down not up. The elements is the path I have chosen for my initiation unto godhood.

For me to call upon Azazel is similar to me going to Apple Computers corporate offices and tell them Im the new boss. They would laugh at me!!! starting from the ground up. Building my spirit armies left and right…preparing for the coming storm, which, once I finish, will turn into morning dew on my hands.


Appreciate your take on things, and wanting to master the elements first. But, would Azazel - or any other spirit for that matter - laugh at you, seeing as you are it and it is you and we are all living Gods, made of the same universal consciousness?

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Well spoken AK

very true indeed!!

Perhaps laughing at me is being harsh unto myself.

and indeed we are all part of the vast network of consciousness. quite true.
but for reasons unknown to me, since my initial approach in the evocation coursework was to follow EA’s video instructions one at a time, I fell, or the better word being tripped over this situation of immersing myself unto the elemental powers readily available to all, I found myself accepting a pathworking in this manner. This was not my initial idea at first. I believe that we are all destined for some personal greatness through daily evocation(something I picked up from Sastan - evoke daily - evoke with desire-)

But only recently did I truly discover that the act of creation, when performing an evocation brings to full appearance the entity through flame(something awesome to behold) made me realize and discover the true power of a human being at work bringing to life that which only for a moment was a concept on paper, but then realize they are real as you, in an act of creation that is…

One such experience was of a fire “god” from Greek origin which was passed on to me by Sastan. This being is reportedly very good at finding “treasures”. Sastan never gave me an appearance on this spirit. I have no knowledge of ancient Greece but due to this massive spirits appearance upon evocating him,his color of skin,a crown,spear,etc…I couldn’t understand how I would make that up.

Later on I discovered that Ethiopia was somehow connected to the ancient world of Greece through mythology and culture, thereby I put two and two together to understand that what I witnessed high upon the flames was no imagination.

Even further, I asked for a sign that he was working for me, to wit he replied that at dawn his message would be sent.

and yes,I did witness this message but not how some may believe.

So yes, with the logic you have stated you may command and evoke anything and everything at your feet. I,at 49, am moving slower than most of you. Maybe its age…LOL

Very unique experience. Blessings


Awesome post on Mepsitahl! Are all the items you listed the ones Mepsitahl said she prefers for her evocation or did you add anything?

The above pic was my initial approach to contacting her. Just two blue candles I had on hand and my ritual Golden Dawn chalice filled with water.

But once I contact her, she was quite explicit on the approach of evoking her. A certain number of blue candles and orange candles placed in a particular pattern, and of course, never to speak of what she will teach.

Incidentally, if you want to contact her astrally try her tarot card

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As always S.V.E., your posts are very worthwhile and interesting. Thanks for sharing! I plan to work with Mepsitahl in the near future for these same reasons.

thanks for the post and share S.V.E,
i especially like that you add photos to your posts.

I don’t think you’re moving slowly! Certainly a lot faster than me. But then, I think I have seen an older post by you on another thread where you mention you have several years previous experience of ritual magick.

Yes, I was first initiated into the Gardnerian Witchcraft “organization” back in 1988 by a dear old friend of mine. My first ever bitch-slap with evocation (of sorts) was when the high priest “evoked” Vassago to preside over a divination reading. Vassago didnt appear but his power and influence/presence was(which was completely mind-blowing and everything came to pass).

Once I left them I decided to venture into high ritual magick on my own. I found Donald Michael Kraigs book Modern magick and followed that completely. Then I wondered through various Thelemic practices for many years, particularly the study of pathworking through the tarot(something I highly recommend to everyone).

But my biggest dream was to evoke an entity. Back then, there really were no workable systems. Kraigs book is the traditional approach which was time-consuming and the caveat “dangerous”. For years just reading the Goetia,necronomicon,etc…wanting to dare but didnt know how to approach it safely.

Finally Kostantinos came out with his book and I began working from that. His exercises on visualization are next to none and those having issues with this aspect of magick should get a copy and read it/work it.

and so for all these years it was just practicing the various Golden dawn rituals of obtaining that spark of divinity each day(I performed my rites everyday,sick,healthy,poor,well-off,etc) but felt that something was obviously missing.

Then I caught EA on Coast to Coast radio. I was like…WHAT…THE…FUCK…here’s a guy…talking about evoking this and that,making it sound so accessible. and now here I am writing on his forum working his videos.

Thats my background. The reason for me posting these experiences on this forum are two-fold:

1.) I love talking about magickal experiences Ive had and enjoy having a meeting of minds with everyone on here. In Miami FL I have no one to discuss the concept of spirits nor about evoking demons.

2.) Whatever little experience I have from my own past I felt it would be useful to those. I always believe that, if you receive something magickal like EA’s work, then give a little back…its only right.

I dont write these post to get atention, im not made of that and frankly I have so many things going on in my life at the moment that becoming an attention getter is the least of which.

As a side note, last night was a grueling boot camp for me with Mepsitahl. Apart from complimenting my temple and commenting on my wet hair(had a ritual bath before hand and my hair was wet) what I found fascinating was that she could be in many places at the same time. behind me,front,sides,mirror,bowl,etc…time is irrelevant for her. What she demonstrated to me in regards to scrying was soo fucking simple and yet so obvious. She is the ultimate magickal mentor to have on your side.
If you evoke her, she will teach you how to remove “blockages” in your mind to correctly view and communicate with any entity on glass or physical.

When I evoked her last night, as my conjuration went deeply inside me, it began to rain outside…fucking unreal. Im doing this twice a day for 12 days.

Evoke everyday, every night, bring that which you wish closer and closer to you and it will indeed …APPEAR.

and now I will do what every god does on a hot summer afternoon…laundry.

Thanks for sharing. D M Kraig’s book was my first practical magic book, although I never actually practiced that much from it (although I did try to follow his system of meditation, using a tarot card). Somehow I recently just got interested in the occult again and google searches led me to discover EA Koetting’s work.

Many thanks for recommending Konstantinos’ book for visualisation work, as this seems to be the primary block to my workings. I might well check it out. However, first I want to check out Magical Imagination: The Keys To Magic by Nick Farrell which was only first published last month and is all about developing this ability.

Due to present living arrangements, I am unable to set up a simple altar or fire scry, so I have to keep workings to just sigils and a scrying mirror. I enter intense TGS no problem, and usually feel a shift in consciousness and presence when calling an entity, however, no visions or audio, answers to questions etc. I must admit I am quite envious that you receive pin-sharp visions of the spirits that leave you in absolutely no doubt that they are not simply constructs of your imagination i.e. you are thinking about what you want to see, and so form a (weak) image in your mind. I’ll keep trying though and, of course, any advice or assistance will be gratefully received.

Dear S.V.E. , can you say in which book i could found information about Mepsitahl. i was looking in KOF and PME for her, but found nothing. :frowning:

two options come to mind:

1.) find "summing spirits " by Kostantinos, this was my first encounter with her name and sigil. Plus his book has a wealth of correspondences you can use.


2.) Use the above tarot card to visit her directly. I have not done this with her since im evoking her nightly.

Keep in mind that, she is very shy, almost like a high school girl crush. She’s very patient with whom she begins to trust and will not give up on you until you actually “see” and “hear” her on the mirror/bowl/you mind.

Trust is a hard thing to come by these days…

Thanks ! Actually after posting my enquiry about her to you ; i moved on for my daily meditation in front of my alter and as i was sitting on my mate for meditation, i got a vision of her in my mind. it was crystal clear and i heard the name “Mepsitahl” in my mind mentally, i was informed that i would found about her in “summoning spirits” of Kostantinos. And now when i was rechecking your post, here i found you are also saying the same thing! This is really amazing !

@Roastroyalty this may help u "scrying " :wink:

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Omg thank u dear!!

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Hi there could you post how to evoke her to full manifestation if Mepsitahl will allow it.I have been trying to contact her for a while now to help with clairaudience and all that happens now I seem to dream every night but not useful dreams passed on by entities, just mundane rubbish. many thanks

the tarot card is not showing for me

This thread is seven years old, and unfortunately the image of the card didn’t survive the move to the Discourse software. You will find a lot of broken images and links in older threads like this. I’m not sure if the OP is still on the forum as he hasn’t posted since 2018.

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