Pact with Lucifer

In the Book of Forbidden Knowledge by basil e crouch there is a ritual to acquire great wealth. Basically all you have to do is make a covenant with Lucifer and offer a blood sacrifice every full moon for the next seven years. The author states that you will be in mortal danger if you don’t fulfil your end of the pact. Has anybody attempted this ritual or heard anything of it? If so I would love to hear some feedback before I perfom it.

As a matter of fact, I did this very ritual for several years - at least three - in the days of the dabbling. I stayed afloat during that time period, but there was only one truly uncanny break. During this period, I had a lot of medical debts I payed off. Just after performing one of the full moon rituals, the one business that I stilled owed money to returned my payment for that month to the bank. When I called them, they were unable to find any record of me in their system at all. I never heard from them again.
I never had the accelerating income or windfall that the book predicted, and I eventually dissolved the pact as I felt it was not delivering what I expected.

I would hesitate to take something published by finbarr seriously. 99% of their stuff is bullshit, a complete waste of time.

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Some of Carl Nagel’s books are ok but in my opinion theses books are overrated and they look like cheap photocopies at the best of times. The only one I quite liked was The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites and Ceremonies by Nathan Elkana the 1982 edition. It looked really cool and the content wasn’t bad either. But on the whole the books are a bunch of over priced shite with the odd good one with the emphasis on odd. Oh and I wouldn’t recommend Dark Rites and Encounters with the Devil by Oliver Bowes lol. But each to their own…

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Yeah Oliver Bowes isn’t really good…at all. But that book isn’t by him as far as I can remember

Your right, it was Marcus T Bottomley