Pact with Lucifer?

Im aware i could work with Lord Lucifer without a act but id like to strengthen my relationship with him

I just have 2 questions
First off i previously had a pact with lucifer when i was 16 or something but i dont feel like it was done right at all since i was quite young and didnt hace any knowledge or experience so im not sure if it counts?
I feel like I want to redo it to feel more comfortable with that be okay?

Secondly i dont know what to offer him in the pact… usually from what i read people offer to teach others about him or become some sort of a messenger but i dont think i have that kind of power or reach…
Would me dedicating some day to meditate to him and give energy be enough as a pact offering? Im quite scared to offer somethibg i wouldnt be ve able to fulffill so this option is the only thing that comes to mind that i feel like id be able to do… any other suggestions would also ve helpful

Last of all i dont really have a set goal to reach from the pact… i just overall want to strengthen our relationship and dedicate my time and loyalty to him in exchange for him helping me in general whenever i may need something … so how should i write or word that? Or do i need to have a set goal such as people wanting to be rich or wanting something specific?

Thank you
And i apologize if my question has already been anseered… i looked in the search function and the thread about pacts but i couldnt find an answer to my specific questions


There’s a great thread on Lucifer by @C.Kendall Check it out

Yes i read it a while back its very informative when it comes to small offerings and such thank you

Making a pact with an Entity is only available when you can their:
a) summon
b) see
c) hear
d) communicate.
If not, that’s not a real pact. I know it from my experience of agreement with Satan, during my almost year period interest of theistic satanism.

I believe i cant really hear/see him since im not well versed in clairvoyance and havent worked ob my senses yet which is something im planning ob working on

Other than that ive summoned him mutiple times and he has shown me signs of being here and helping me greatly with many things

I plan to do the pact to work more on our relationship and meanwhile work on my senses to percieve him better but that might take some time

Yeah man that’s pretty much true. If you can’t see, hear or meaningfully interact with a spirit then don’t bother trying to pact, chances are you’ll be rejected by the spirit.


Can someone do a pact on your behalf with it working?

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I don’t think so, you have to sign it yourself with your own blood and communicate it yourself with Lucifer or the demon of your choice for it to count

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Thanks for responding, guess I need to do it on my own

Well man…
It’s like this. I’ve heard of magicians offering to pact individuals to certain demons for a price. The magician needs some things from the person getting the pact done and then the magician does the ritual work.

The problem with this is how do you verify the magician actually did the work. How do you know your pact was accepted if you haven’t developed your clairs.

If you can’t interact with a spirit in meaningful ways even simple communication. Then a great number of spirits would probably not be interested in accepting that pact.

Just my thoughts.

You’re going to have to do this yourself bud.