Pact with clauneck

Hi everyone, please I need some knowledge here so that I can know what’s going on…like three months ago I was looking on how to make a pact with king clauneck as he is the demon of wealth and I needed help from him so then I was chanting his enn “ahvalen esen clauneck kiar” during nights and days… one night i decided to take paper and pen and paper i drew his sigil and write his enn with what i want on what he is good at, i wrote my name using my blood then i was just looking at his sigil while chanting his enn… i kept the paper for couple of days then i disposed it. since then i faced alot of challenges like fighting with family and went too broke. i started feeling things are running into different part of my body like kinda of a vibration i get. currently i have got an i.t job in other country into a big company which i hope i can build my life well but im still looking a way to make sure if clauneck is in me or whats going on. i can still feel this vibrations in my body some of the times. thank you. i hope anyone who has experience can tell me whats going on.

The demons when you do a pact will always realign the things to fit the correct destiny. Sometimes when the practitioner lives a false life, decided by others than things change drastically in a constructive way.

Sometimes is shocking and like a crisis this is but related to how much they have to repair and reconstruct the right path. Especially Mammon and Clauneck are known for these powerful constructive effects.

But just in case use divination to see if really is Clauneck actively doing his magick.

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