Pact with Astarte... Help?

I am brand new here, so please let me know if I have posted this in the wrong place. Just to provide a background, I am fairly new to witchcraft, and have been in search of a guide/deity to work with for a while now as I feel I am in need of guidance. Up until now I have had little to no success, or so I thought. I have been meditating a lot and asking for guidance finding a job. Well, I got one. On my first day I was sitting in my office, and I looked up to find a dove sitting in the windowsill looking directly at me. When I looked at it I felt this weird connection almost like I was looking in the eyes of another human being. When I got home and looked up things associated with doves, “Astarte” popped up, and I immediately felt drawn to that name. I did some reading, found the sigil that is associated with Astarte/Astaroth which I know is debatable, but in my one opinion I consider them one in the same. First I cast a circle, drew the sigil on my hand, and called to her. I didnt really feel any connectivity, so I eventually gave up and closed the circle.

This is where my question comes in… The next day I decided to draw out the “seal of Asteroth” and change the name within the circles to “Astarte” because I had read that being referred to as Asteroth may be insulting to her as it is supposedly a degrading name given to her by Christians. Below the seal I wrote a few lines dedicating myself to her and asking for her guidance and protection. That night I cast a circle, lit a candle in her honor, placed my left hand on the pact I had drawn up, cleared my mind and called out to her. I started to feel a connection, so I stated my intentions for the bond, recited the pact from memory, and just as I finished I was overcome with the most overwhelming feeling of sexual energy. Out of nowhere. Like someone had their hands all over me. I could almost physically feel it. This went on for several minutes and then it faded. I thanked her, and closed the circle. I have never in my life experienced anything this intense. I wasnt even meditating with music (which I usually do).

What does this mean? Does this mean she has consented to the pact? Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? It was totally unexpected, and I do not know what to think.


Don’t know why you didn’t get a response to this, but it is safe to say that you definitely made contact.

Work on developing your astral senses. It will take you toward the direction that you need.

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