Pact with aphrodite

I used the search tool already. I was wondering if anyone has tried a pact with Aphrodite and what types of pacts are logical or appropriate to make with her and other spirits of love.


Seduction, beauty, and love (as you mentioned) seem to be her portfolio.

I would say write your own ritual if you don’t find anything useful, the key would be being respectful and avoid being lazy or cheap.

Deities tend to expect offerings and some effort put into the ritual.

I’d love writing rituals for people to use involving the hellenistic and roman deities, but I suck right now at writing rituals.

Mainly because I’ve spent most of my time with the philosophy rather than the execution.


It’s been pretty much the same for me. Mostly embracing the philosophy but now I’m moving into the realm of actual practice. But let me tell you, this balg forum helps so much, it’s almost unbelievable for me


Use the Orphic Hymns here and here to call the spirits you wan. Then welcome them, add your request, and release them in peace and quiet.

It’s not that hard. If anything, reading the rather idiotic and long-winded rituals in the catholic grimoires makes it seem a lot harder to do than it acutally is, because they butcher the process and fill it with reams of garbage.

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Thanks a lot man!

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