Pact Offerings?

Im new here and have been reading researching n going through the forums but I still haven’t found clear guidelines on how to set up a pact. ie if I set up a pact to ask for things do i need to include the time frame of our pact eg 6mths? or is it a lifetime thing.
Also What are my options to offer for the pact. I am clueless as to what to offer. Can anyone give clear examples of what they have offered and what was acceptable?
Can I have several pacts with different demons at the same time?

I recommend reading The Book of Azazel by EA. it goes into detail about making a pact. To answer some of your questions, depending on what task you want the demon to perform, it is advisable to discuss it with said spirit, and they will have some idea as to the time frame. In the BOA, Azazel requested a 90 day pact with EA, in order to teach him. EA requested prosperity, and Azazel requested that EA evoke him once every day. You can discuss what the demon wants in return as well.

Yes, you can have pacts with multiple demons at the same time, as long as each demon agrees, and they don’t interfere with each other. When you make a pact, you are making an exclusive relationship with said spirit so keeping your word is a must.

The book of Azazel is available in audio form for free on Youtube is you want to learn more.


Short answer -

Pact is a transaction - you ask the spirit to get you something and in return you will do something for spirit. Pact can be done orally with spirit, you could forget what you said in 2 days. So its a good idea to write the terms n condition on a paper like a contract between you and the spirit and keep it with you till its not required anymore. You could write a letter of intent to the spirit, draw his sigil at the start of the page.

Having the timeframe could be useful as it will enable you to decide if the pact was completed or not. But if u give too little time to complete a certain task that needs more time, you are doomed to failure.

I have offered to post on a occult forum that the said spirit has done so and so for me and thanking him. It was accepted as payment. One could offer food like donuts or drinks like wine. One magician offered the spirit that he will make his sigil in metal.

Yup, you can have as many pacts as possible. Make sure to document them so you can track their pass/fail criteria.

Reading a related book should give you more knowledge.

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Thanks DarkestKnight I will read the book of Azazel.

Hi ElectricDragon thankyou for replying and with some useful info. i have a sense of what a pact is just little idea of what constitutes as acceptable things or options to offer. Your suggestions gives me some starting ideas.

Cool, you are welcome :slight_smile:

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