Pact Making Kit

So I got interested on the Luciferian Apothecaria site and I bought this Lucifuge Pact Making Kit.

I got dragon blood ink and Lucifuge incense, Lucifer oil if that helps


Cool! Can I check out the link?

That looks nice. I especially like the Sigil there, it’s design is kinda lovecraftian.

What sigil? There isn’t one in the picture. Are you seeing spiritual realities that aren’t visible to the untrained eye?

Ah, sorry. I was talking about the red symbol, guess sigil wasn’t the best way of wording it

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It looks nice, I hope it will work for you well if you are going to use it to make a pact with him :slight_smile:

delivery was quick for me since i live about an hour and a half away from them

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Oh, I see. That’s a Triangle of Manifestation. This one is in reverse but you can still see the word “AZAZEL” split up into each of the corners.


me also i buy the kit pact with lucifuge rofocale on
but i do not know how to use it, the triangle of manifestation is little i think ?
i want to do it properly and respectfully who can help me ?

I’d definitely call that a sigil.

I know this is an old thread (look I used the search function!) but I was wondering if anyone has had success with that kit or something similar? My gut says it’s a gimmick, but I’m curious too lol