Pact makers

Does anyone know of any professional pact makers ?

Any professional magician can make a pact on your behalf.

EA does it.


Ea charges a lot

So do most competent professional sorcerers


Most professional magicians don’t come cheap. You pay for their time and expertise, just like any other professional tradesperson. :man_shrugging:

Do you know how much work goes into making a pact for someone? First the magician has to contact the spirit and ask if it is agreeable to it. Then, the magician has to work out the terms with the client and the spirit. Then the magician has to write up the pact, and have the spirit sign it. Then, the magician has to mail the written pact to the client, so that they can ritually sign it with their blood. The pact will not take effect until then. If there are any problems, the magician also has to be in contact with the client.

When EA has offered pacts, he usually has already chosen the spirit, and the task. So far, he has publicly offered pacts with Lucifer, Belial, Azazel and Satan, focused on Ascent. I don’t know what kind of pact he does with private clients, but I would assume whatever the client wants.


Yeah but some charge 150 like bws and others charge 200 like rosequartz labyrinth

You’re looking for someone that’ll do it for the price you want, in the forums here?


Not just here anywhere

Hi there, I’m want to know why do some of the people ask for money, if you ask for a spell to help you out of your troubles. In my case, I’m unemployed now for 3 months, no income, savings has run out. Search for people to help with money spells, to get back on my feet. they all ask for money upfront, before doing any spells. do these spells work and is there anybody that can do one for me for free, to help me.


Because it costs time, energy and actual money for tools used

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Ok I understand.

Do people actually advertise themselves as professional pact makers on insta and facebook ?

Some do.

Tools aren’t required for pacts, people just charge a lot because they want to, there’s no excessive fees for tools, time, etc. Making a pact doesn’t take 20 years so that 400-500 dollar charge some do is just their own personal choice. A pact can be made in 5mins or less if they wanted to.


Exactly. The guy who does mine charges $200


What guy?

Oh I see

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looks like a nice website, have you any testimony to share in its efficency?

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you can be one of them…I can teach you

I had my tax returns sitting on my dresser for 2 weeks because I had no idea what they were because it was my first time getting them. After he made a pact with Bune for me, my sister suddenly told me what it was and to file them.

I got a familiar from him and he got it from Buer. The familiar did what I asked it to. So I think he’s legit.