Pact/Contract/marriage making related question

Okay, so I’ve done research into how to make a pact, and I know who and why I want to make my first pact with. I’ve done research into all the precautions (not over-promising, setting ALOT of limits, double/triple/etc checking, etc), and then gotten a general idea of various things people have done pacts for (to get an idea of realistic goals).

I’m still in the brainstorming, draft phase (will be for awhile), but one thing that hasn’t been clear to me is…the OUTLINE for a pact. How do I word a pact, and the general outline to follow. There aren’t exactly “pact examples” to look at to get an idea for this online. Except those corny ones on google. So that’s my question. How do I outline the words/writing in a pact. Like how is all that set up. Thanks!

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Do you have a copy of the Book of Azazel? In it, EA provides a rough outline of his pact.

However, there is really no one way to write a pact. Use your own creativity. A pact is a binding agreement, so think of it like a legal paper.

I assume you have communicated with the spirit and know what it wants from you in exchange, so try to put it all into your own words.

“I, @Mind_Seeker20, do swear, on this date, to enter a pact with Booboo Bear, for the purposes of learning to hunt picnic baskets. In exchange for this teaching, I agree to evoke Booboo no less than once a day, and will provide offerings of soda pop and ham sandwiches twice a week. I also promise to wear a hat and bandanna around my neck for the duration of this pact, which will be set at 90 days.”


Hahaha “Booboo bear” LOL. Sorry that made me laugh.


Okay so just be creative, and it should look formal writing wise. I don’t have that book unfortunately.

Communication wise with spirits is just feeling and images for me, I can’t hear words.

Basically, you should first evoke the entity, and ask it if it is willing to enter a pact with you. If you get an affirmative, then you negotiate the terms. Both you and the spirit tell each other what you want from the agreement, and there is usually some back and forth, as spirits are known to ask for things that you may not be willing to provide. Once you both have agreed to the terms, then you write it up.

The last step is evoking the spirit again, and reading the pact to them, to make sure you have all the terms set out correctly, and then you and the spirit sign it. Once it is signed, it becomes active and binding.


Okay, so evoke and ask if the spirit is WILLING first, then like evoke again (as many as I need) to negotiate terms, then evoke again to seal the deal if everything looks good for BOTH parties.

This is good, it’ll also help me in practicing Evocation to. Although I’ve gotten good at opening sigils, but that doesn’t = evocation.

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Well, you can ask if it is willing and then negotiate in the same evocation. It would be as simple as saying, “Booboo, are you willing to enter a pact with me?” Booboo agrees, so then you ask, “What would you require of me in such an agreement? I want to learn the art of picnic baskets.” Then Booboo tells you what he wants.

I’ll see if I can find my BOA and give you a rough idea of the way EA did it. Also, S. Connolly has a short chapbook on pacts available on Amazon which might be worth looking at.


Oh okay. Well I’ll evoke “Booboo” first and see whether there needs to be more Evocations based on how the negotiating goes.

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I actually think I pulled this one from her archives on her website, if it’s not in Kindle Unlimited

I don’t see it there in the list though anymore, so I could be wrong. I found her website a pain to navigate through the resources, when I was looking at all of her stuff about two years ago.