Pact Breaking Rite

For when you are sick and tired of Spirits fucking with you.

What you will need

● Wine (Doesnt matter what type)

● Your own Piss (as an “offering”)

● A black Candle, a bowl and Two Gold candles

● To be Extremely pissed off

What you will do

Create a triangle with the Candles. The black Candle at the top, and the two gold candles at the bottom, one on each side.

Pour the Wine into the bowl. It should be almost halfway full. You will empower the wine with this incantation:

"Creature of Wine, you will be the Agent through which all Pacts that i made with Any Old Gods that i use to worship in this lifetime or any previous one will be destroyed, whether implicit or explicit, known or unknown, verbal or written.

I seal this power to perform your function upon you, Eternal."

Pee into the liquid. Repeat the incantation again, this time replacing the word “Wine” with, “Urine”.

Place the bowl in the Center of the triangle, Light the Candles from Left to Right (bottom left, top, bottom right), and scry into the Bowl.

The energy of it will feel and look like hot steam rising from it.

You will see the faces of the Gods you worshipped in pastlifetimes. Once you get a good look, proceed to evoke them.

Once they are there, in your own words break the pacts, vows of celibacy, offerings, praise, words of love, and anything else you gave them.

This serves to break off emotional as well as energetic ties to them.

Break all connections to their religions, and their people. This will sever any group/herd mentality ties you have left over from them.

Do this with all your anger and hatred. Nothing else.

They will leave when they see the blasphemy that has been presented to them through the “offering” and your own words and actions.

Afterwards, you may proceed with your favorite baneful ritual to finalize the destruction of all secret pacts between you and them.

Close the rite and Blow out the candles.


I did this about 20 min ago and the room got cold.
I feel liberated and oddly strange.
It is completely quiet around me, energetically and other wise.
And also body has numbness which has come and gone

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Can I do this but with adding the phrase except the pact with…if I’m in a good one now?

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This only serves to break the pacts you have with any Gods from PAST LIFETIMES. I will not effect the ones you have now