PACKAGE was stolen on delivery!

My 400$ package was stolen on delivery. Someone help me connect to the Luciferian store Michael Ford has… I need help please I’ve waited 6 weeks. HELP HELP HELP! ANS YES I HAS INSURANCE ON THE PACKAGE AT LEAST O REQUESTED IT

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Who is the mail carrier/delivery service? Contact them immediately and ask for an investigation! Since you have insurance on your package, they are liable and will have to refund you the cost of the package. (In your case, $400.) Also, file a report with the police (at least the postal service police). Contact the Luciferian store website and call them! Now!

Disclaimer: I am not a legal representative and this is not to be taken as official legal advice.

Good Luck!


Thank u… I did. They showed me on a google map thing where it was delivered on the date. And it was where I sent it… And its not here and I contacted the place I got it from with 17 emails in 6mina and I will keep EMAILING the UNTIL I AM COMPENSATION FOR MY 300# PACKAGE

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If it has been stolen on delivery, the courier must ot left it at Your door, and someone stolen it all, should also get in touch with King Belial, to track down the thief, also contact Luciferian Apotheca as well.

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I’ve contacted everyone Lol and thanks brother :slight_smile:

Maybe they dropped it into your next door neighbor while you were out,

Also check the signature on the delivery thing online and see if anyone signed for it.

Usually they dont leave things at the door especially if the package is insured.

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trust me… i like in wakesha wisconsin… SLENDERMAN TOWN I CALL IT… different topic for discussion its very intriguing. i know… but trust me this towns mailing system is one of the most fucked up in the country… u don’t sign for packages here i found out… turns out u have to GO TO THE POST OFFICE THEMSELVES and have them option that u sign for packages… i checked all local neighbors… no one has it…there are ton of witches in this town someone took it and the carrier left it in the driveway… HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT THE MAILING SYSTEM HERE… I HAVE SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE FROM THIS TOWN KNOWING WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT lol… the mailing services here is a joke… packages coming late getting stolen mail never getting to their owners. its RIDICULOUS LMAO

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I would tell whom every I’m buying my materials from or make arrangements with your post office that you want to pick your packages up from there. This way they can’t give your packages to anyone else without an I’d (preferably a drivers license).

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That’s a very good idea thanks :slight_smile: <3

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I was in a similar situation about a year ago, except the package wasn’t insured in my case. Granted, it wasn’t a $400 parcel however. It was a case of the tracker indicating that the parcel was delivered when in actuality it was not.

This is probably one of the most frustrating experiences you can have as an online shopper as it can come down to whether your grievance is believed as genuine or not. Fortunately, you say the package is insured.

As to solutions: you can later try to work out a more secure way of getting parcels delivered to you with the local post office, but in practice this can actually be very difficult to arrange as they’re very stubborn and you’d likely have to wade through so much bureaucratic red tape to be worth the effort – that’s been my experience at least. A more magickal solution may be to get in touch with Andromalious if you suspect you’re dealing with a thief. He actually helped me out in exposing my neighbor as the thief as well as getting back one of the parcels lost.

Hang in there. It’s not fun, I know.

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