Overwhelming tiredness and strange feeling in my body


It seems like I’m being weighted down literally. My limbs feel heavy, moving around the house feels like I’m dragging around a deadweight or I’m walking in treacle. Doing anything, even thinking is a big effort.

And there’s the overwhelming tiredness that I’m finding difficult to shake off. All I want to do is sleep.

I think the neg is behind it, as in if he can slow me down enough that I won’t make progress in packing up the house etc, then I won’t leave the house. That’s the impression I get. In fact, that’s the sort of spiteful thing he would do. It’s right up his street.

So what would you do in my shoes? What can a beginner do to counter the effect of being slowed down?


Empowering yourself via daily chakra charging as taught on this site, plus an evocation or call to a protective entity will likely solve your problem.



Gemma, have you been keeping your home cleared/ cleansed, like we discussed about a week and a half ago? I gave you a very simple daily ritual that ought have taken care of the “neg” as you call it - and anything else hovering in your atmosphere…


What`s a “neg”? Is it a short form for an unknown negative spirit?


Clear the house with sage while performing a banishment with teeth (I recommend the one from Kingdoms of Flame.) Perform some kind of chakra clearing/balancing exercise every day. If you’ve given permission to anything to hitch a ride with you, revoke that permission and tell it to get lost. Force yourself to do something that nourishes you spiritually or creatively. When I’m feeling zonked, the last thing I want to do is read some particularly substantive classical or avant-garde literature or watch a dense arthouse movie, but forcing myself to do so always reboots me and helps me find myself. I also find it helps to stop consuming all “lightweight” entertainment for a while. Only baroque/jazz/experimental music that challenges the mind and demands focus and attention and forces you to engage, no diversions.




That will help with the other esoteric potentials.


Gemma, do you have a copy of Robert Bruces Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook? Its loaded with helpful tips and theres absolutely nothing in there that a total noob cant do.


Well back before I knew what I was doing and had some trouble, what I did was get the help of an expert. After that I worked on getting protection so stuff like that wouldn’t happen again. You’ve already looked into getting help from EA, I dunno what sort of action you took with that. But that’s a good start. If he can clear up your problem though, I would look into safeguards to make sure it never gets repeated.

I was fortunate to have some powerful allies, both human and non human to help me in this regard. But your situation might be different. But there’s always an opportunity around every corner if you know where to look. One idea is you could try putting your name in the freinds helping freinds topic and ask for protection/someone to teach you how to protect yourself. I’m not sure if that is still open to new people though, but its something you could try.


I’ve tried most things guys and this neg is still here. Robert Bruce is on board, and even his countermeasures weren’t enough to get rid of the neg. The most they did were to slow him down for a while until he adapted.



You’re just going to have to spell out what this thing is and what it’s doing. Are you seeing something? How do you know it’s there? One of the key signs of a particularly nasty attack is an unwillingness or inability to speak clearly about it or keep it in your thoughts for a long time. An intense, fog-headed passivity comes down every time you try to do something about it. You just have to screw your courage and fight.

Banishing, cleansing etc. are acts of will. You have to raise energy, concentrate very clearly on your intention, and visualize/will intensely. Be sure to speak your command out loud. And I hope you burned something other than just sulfur.


[quote=“Sukujin”]Gemma, you seem to have problems. I am a n00b and doubt that I can offer any practical help on this matter.

Perhaps this is being approached from the wrong angle, rather than protecting the victim, the source needs to be identified (Im sure any member skilled in scrying/divination could determine the source) and rendered impotent, he/she/it is clearly a being of substantial power though.

My first thought on all this, was Pazuzu. Not neccesseraly the entity, more the concept. Im not sure what the practical implications might be, just my first though.

Sorry I couldnt be more help. defectron’s suggestion is a good one if that is still open.

EDIT: Gemma, have you arranged a consultation with EA to deal with this neg? If not, why not?[/quote]

I don’t see myself as a victim, but even I keep wondering who the source of the attacks is/are.

I don’t know who or what Pazuzu is, but I recall ages ago waking up after being chased by a dark being, hearing the name Chorozon or something similar (sounded like chorizo). I knew it was the name of a demon, and the neg kept replaying the name over and over in my mind. I got him to stop, but have never forgotten the experience.

I’ve already been told by EA he will help but I haven’t booked anything with him yet because I just don’t have the cash right now. It is on the cards though.

Banishing, cleansing etc. are acts of will. You have to raise energy, concentrate very clearly on your intention, and visualize/will intensely. Be sure to speak your command out loud. And I hope you burned something other than just sulfur.


Yes, tried other stuff like white sage and frankincense as well.



A few weekends ago when I was asleep, the neg injured my thigh so badly that I was laid up for a good 10 days. He somehow did my abductor muscle in. I woke up to find my left thigh was painful. I knew I couldn’t have done anything, I sleep like the dead and everything was exactly as I’d left it the night before. I was in so much pain with it.

But I recovered and now he’s trying to injure me again in other places. Plus I’m still dealing with tiredness and lack of motivation. So I’m a couple of weeks behind with the move as I don’t have a great deal of help on tap. Sweet little flat though!

And when I used EFT to stop the craving for cookies this evening, something came in the room and attacked me between the legs. No kidding!

I still endure the nightly attacks, but now they try to levitate me when I’m in bed. It’s like I can feel their intention to do it, and then I start to feel like I’m about to be levitated. It’s a horrid feeling, so I end up yelling at them to stop it.

But the show goes on. I’m still working on my mind control, which is improving.

Sukujin, that’s so kind of you. I really appreciate your support.

It’s funny really, a psychic told me a little while ago to let other people know what’s happening to me as someone will be able to help, and to let them help. So, co-incidence or not?!

I’ll PM you and sort it out with EA tomorrow (as it’s very late here and I need to eat then sleep). The neg is getting more dangerous and I’ve got his card marked. It’s on my to-do list. Again, it’s much appreciated, I never expected this. :heart:

Thank you.


So your getting your consultation tommarow then? Sounds like this should be interesting, keep us posted on what happens.


PM sent.


Don’t fight the symptoms. Fight the cause. Evoke Orobas and have him destroy the spirit. Wipe it from your existence. It’s literally as simple as that. In dealing with some insignificant little troublemaker this ancient demon won’t even break a sweat.


I take it you’re not a beginner in magick then?


No. If you’re not up to evocation, paint the seals of Haures and Orobas on card and perform the ritual of consecration of sigils found in WoD or EE, envisioning them standing watch over you and asking for their protection. It’s really easy to do.Instead of folding up the sigils, hang them on the bedroom wall. You can do the same for the rest of the house if you need to.