Overcoming Base Fears

As I venture towards conjuration via the fourth of the 4 Incantations by EA Koetting, it occurs to me that I have a couple of basic fears that I’d like advice on about overcoming. These are likely products of attending Catholic school (despite my family not being Catholic - a story for another time) and also watching a great many horror movies over the years (starting with the Ring when I was 11). Anyways, here they are; any advice is appreciated.

The first is that I am terrified of mirrors, particularly when they are in the dark. I refuse to have mirrors in my bedroom. So, the thought of mirror scrying, a basic technique that many have mentioned on this forum, is terrifying to me. And being a naturally high-strung person I think largely increases the chance that I’ll freak myself out with a mirror before actually accomplishing anything occult or magickal. Anybody got advice on this?

The second is a bit more basic - I am generally afraid of the dark, but only when I’m alone. If my husband is lying next to me, I don’t mind the lights being turned off, but if he’s not, I can’t sleep without my bedside lamp on. As most LHP rituals call for darkness (and no, candle light doesn’t help, just makes the fear worse), this is a pretty big setback. I’m sure I’m not the only one, though. So, anybody got advice on this one too?


If you’re struggling with a lot of irrational fears maybe you should look at the idea of past life trauma? Meditations and visualizations on this can help. While beings like Lucifer and Lilith may seem fearsome, many people who work with them have felt loving and protective energies from these beings. I myself was pretty terrified of demons as a Christian, but these beings have the power to take away our fear as we get to know and work with them. I didn’t really have to confront and fight to get over the deepseated subconscious fears, they helped take that away as I got to know them and found out they weren’t all dark, even if they do have dark sides to their personalities like we do.


As for the mirror issues, use a bowl of water for scrying instead. It is a traditional method used well before using a black mirror was even a thing.

Or fire. Scrying into flames is fun.

You can practice in broad daylight if you want to. Nowhere is it written in stone that you have to be in darkness. Darkness is usually recommended because for the average person it helps to put their mind in a state of reverie and mystery, with a touch of atavistic fear which allows for a greater openness.


I used to be terrified of mirrors as well. When I was a kid, I had a big mirror in my room and I thought I could occasionally feel something watching me. Not sure if I did or not as I don’t remember seeing any thing strange in that mirror. To this day, I keep a large black towel over the mirror in my room and I keep my scrying mirror in a box when it’s not in use. I think the best way to overcome the fear of mirrors, is to confront them and attempt to scry. You’ll probably fail the first couple of times but the adrenaline rush will be pretty great. As for the fear of the dark, start going outside after dark. That’s what I did. I started smoking regularly when I was about seventeen. So naturally I would go outside to smoke. After I left Christianity. Anyways, I would sit on my porch or walk around, cigarette in hand, and observe all of the animals, the stars, the moon, the silence, and I began to look forward to the tranquility that the night brought.


Yep. They are recognized as portals for Beings to watch, influence, and travel through.

I used to see wierd shit in the mirror to. Sometimes still do.

I’m not terribly fond of them either. But they can be managed.

And I want to echo the advice of going outside at night. There’s still light and rituals outside under the moonlight are great.

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