Outdoor evocation and post ritual banishings

I’d like to hear some opinions and the rationale behind them on the subject of conducting outdoor evocations without post evocation banishings.

When I work in the outdoors I often feel like there’s less psychic garbage around to clutter things up. I often don’t feel the need to conduct a post evocation banishment ritual when outside. Does anyone else feel this way or am I a minority? To my view the license to depart is sufficient to release the spirit and end the ceremony when outdoors.

Any other views?


Nature in my experience is very much absorbent and it helps dissipate things. So I feel like any residual energy is either taken in by the earth or scattered by the wind. That’s just me thoughlol. I mean there’s a reason that grounding by standing barefoot on the grass is so widespread right?


Yeah man I think along the same lines.

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Sweet! Good to know! I really think the earth is our best and most loyal companion in life so it makes sense that it would help out our magick too!


An item that sits in my being, especially when I practice evocation / any heavy spirit work is “density”. I like to think of myself, and every human, as a unique density.

I feel like every human thought has a density, that extends up to a physical distance, roughly speaking. Think of a rock falling in a pool of water, and the “echoes” it creates. That’s what I think human thoughts are, at some odd sort of perception.

Being outdoors is like finally finding a still pond. It feels like less clutter. However, I hardly ever banish. Indoors or outdoors, so that may muddle my response. And, all this is my perception.

I enjoy how we can think differently, without trying to convert one another. Definitely a modern miracle, lol.


I agree and I enjoy that also. At our best here on Balg we can compare notes and methodology, find or give correction, cooperate and collaborate. You’re right it could be a modern miracle, especially for magicians.

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This is so true though so it’s not just you D. Doing any sort of meditation practice with the proper materials needed for any summonings of any sort feel vastly different when you actually conduct these outside. It’s like a totally different vibe because its natures way of Immediately connecting with us by instantly feeling a vibration inside of us as we gather around our space, breath in the outside air, the breeze of the positive winds correlating through our chakras, a whole other experience. One of many things that’s been done for ages. It’s the energy from the positivity of nature outside itself that Immediately connects and assist on your workings. There’s fresh breathable air everywhere outside compared to the inside air which would mabye at times feel a little too “clustered” if that make sense in a way.

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I don’t banish inside or outside and I’ve never had any problems. I try and banish in the morning and before bed every night regardless - but not around rituals or specifically for rituals.

Unless you consider the ritual opening in DOM a banishing- which it technically is.

But like currently I’m working through Belial Without a Master and I haven’t banished AT ALL for any of those - not because I’m opposed to it, but more because doing the work in the book doesn’t call for it…

I also banish my space once I get to work in the morning (I’m a teacher so it’s my classroom actually)

It’s more about “spaces” for me and less about what I’m doing

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Also- banishing for me at least has very little to do with the spirit that I’m calling and WAY more to do with astral garbage, parasites, etc…

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Yeah I completely agree with that. Banishing is for astral garbage and parasites,ect. That’s exactly how I see it as well.