Out of curiosity

So this is a question out of mere curiosity.

Am I able to do a binding spell on myself for self discipline? If so how does this work?

Or is there a self discipline spell in general?

I recently reas that doing spells for selfish reasons don’t end the right way, but I’m curious to know if a binding spell on myself is also considered selfless as well as selfish?

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The binding idea interests me alot actually. It makes sense that u can bind urself to an idea or principle, but the catch is I imagine u have to willfully follow through to get the ball rolling.

I mean , if i wanted to bind myself to fitness, I’d imagine the first few days after the spell is cast will still be hard because I’d still have to start the process of exercising to sort of start the chain reaction. I dunno if this makes any sense and Im armchairing with this because I never explored it before…

My interest was always releasing bindings…but the idea of using binding to enforce disicpline is pretty cool…I figure u can do a spell for self discipline directly as well, but whatever u want discipline in is gonna need an initial push…irrespective of what it is…

The catch 22 is, if u want self discipline ; a self modification from spell casting; it takes discipline to do the spell, and then to carry out the initial push into what u want to be disciplined in…Can I assume that there is a specific area. Discipline is a broad term.

I can’t say from personal experience, but S. Connolly has written about the potential for using demonic pacts to hold one’s self accountable to something, say, to get rid of a bad habit or lessen a trait that you don’t like. If there’s something about it here in the forums, I wouldn’t know.

I don’t think so …but you can call on a spirit to help you with elf disapline

Pacts to hold one’s self accountable sounds punitive…u dont do this, or that, then either u fail the pact, or something non human whips ur ass into gear…Not disrespecting the idea…but it strikes me of having surrogate parents…

I can see them in certain lights. yes, there would be "punitive measures, but that doesn’t mean they come and wreck your shit when you mess up. It’s more for someone that needs that extra accountability for some task, say an addiction of some sort (even to nicotine).

I’ve read about Belial (iirc) asking someone to give up fast food for something else he really wanted. He even gave them a cheat period after a while. When he ate it, with Belial’s encouragement, they felt sick as hell, as their body had re-adjusted to food without all of the extra stuff in it (“additives”). Wish I could recall that thread, but I saw it on here.

Not a bad idea if only a little extra accountability is needed. When I quit cigarettes, it was cold turkey, but if I had been following this path, I may have done it to help give MYSELF that extra nudge to keep going. I did it on my own, but if an extra nudge is needed for something legitimate, I’d say go for it.

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So while sparking my curiosity, I found a spell on increasing willpower.

In regards to self discipline and self binding
I was curious to know if I can do a spell or bind myself to treating other people with kindness, controlling my impulses, and staying focused on my career goals as well as fitness goals.
Obviously this is all internal strength that I should learn on my own, but I was curious to know if there was something like this especially being that I’ve read about Love binding spells; how eventually they end up hurting or torturing their lovers (if not done well) or a binding spell to prevent people from hurting other people. I might be wording things wrong or maybe I need to take my time throughout the forums. Aside from people to summon, are there any beginner books or YouTube videos to look for in regards to spells like these or even creating ones own.