Out of Asia theory

I’m not trying to be racially superior. I don’t think that South Asians are the best race.

Lol we’re having an interesting debate here which means @Lady_Eva is gonna come and close and unlist it.

I find the entire cult of christ or their socio-psychopath of desert spirit rather unappealing.

Considering that one of the main assumptions you have to buy into the cult of the cross either consciously or unconsciously is that humans from the moment they come into existence are both flawed and sinful thus evil and deserving of hell and the only way to avoid thay fate is to cow tow and bow down to said figure heads and said lunatic in the sky begging him for forgiveness.

As a side note for dealing with door to door cult recruiters. If ya wanna leave them clueless ask them to convince you of their cult without any references to their cult text of preference. As their base assumption for this is the text is the “word and truth of god” if you do not have this assumption and thus any dialog or debate anchored in it to try an convince of this is fruitless.

humans from the moment they come into existence are both flawed and sinful thus evil and deserving of hell and the only way to avoid thay fate is to cow tow and bow down to said figure heads and said lunatic in the sky begging him for forgiveness

Human babies are born with sin but aborted fetuses are pure and live in heaven. Something about coming out of the womb is sinful. At least the Westboro Baptist Church are honest about the grossness of the bible.

:man_shrugging: I’ve seen the human ego inflate it self in so many different culture and ethnic contexts that i find it funny at this point.
I know enough to know i have alot to learn and that as someone of a diverse genetic and ethinic background u have seen humans in general make their assumptions of people on suface level contact only.

I try to refrain from this even though the intellect still attempts it.

I didn’t say you were. I said I’m not discussing it here. You don’t need to be passive aggressive about it because I didn’t immediately agree with your post.

To be fair I guess I can kind of see why Africans would want to push this theory of mankind originating from where they came from due to all of the slavery and oppression but alas opinions can soil facts.

I’m sorry if I came across as passive aggressive.

This is why i am in the occult and have a spiritual practice and not in a cult. :alien: i give people in cults a headache after awhile cause i like to debate the hole in cult texts and logic. And I’ll pull from as many cultures on earth including their own cults that support the thw dismantling of the cult :rofl:

Because most of them are not very versed in the actual history of their cult, just the text as givin.

That said I have met some lovely, dear Christians who I would never try to troll with my differing beliefs.

:man_shrugging: I’ve no issue with them in general unless they try to shove their beliefs down my throat. I share my views but do not work to shove um down anyones throats. I’ve had more than a few attempt this and then i start with the questions that can leave someone questioning their “faith” in said cult.

Friendly reminder in advance, to please keep identity politics off this topic. :+1:


Ugh, anyone shoving beliefs down anyone’s throats is bad. No matter what it is or who you are.

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Ok. Thanks for listing it.

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This is why I believe in magick bc it provides real results. I wish for something and then it happens. Basically if you take away the bible what do Christians have?

Hiya OP! IME Asia and Africa were the secondary stages of human development and expansion, the reason those places get so much attention is that they aren’t flooded! The ‘great flood’ was humanity’s extinction-level event, and wiped away the traces of more advanced earlier civilizations, like in the pacific islands and other near-equatorial land masses that got sunk. Africa and Asia survived these guys! I’m not sure about their technological developments, but AFAIK we were islanders and ship-farers for longer than we’ve been farmers. Talk to the Aztecs! They interpreted humanity’s existence as a sun-based cycle, and they’ve got some pretty neato markers to make that point! :slight_smile:

The aztecs were pretty interesting culture. Also the Olmecs too.


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Where do you think humans come from?

It reminds me of this person who wrote a piece on the theory that people who came before Native Americans were black and then said that this fact should let African people come into America more. Wtf?!?!?