Ouroboros meaning

I’ve been seeing the ouroboros symbol (the snake eating it own tail) very often, for a few months now, it had appeared to me in many ways, books cover, inside the book itself, on facebook, on tattoos on the street, etc.
I searched it and learned is mean begin and end, life and death, to see inside yourself. I also found another possible meaning in Hebrew I think, it said to mean Serpent King with a close connection with the demons Abraxos.
So anyone knows what could possible mean see so many ouroboros symbols?
Any information about this Abraxos demon, or King Serpent?

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Ouroboros is a symbol of Infinity and the cycle of birth/death/rebirth.


What @anon48079295 said above is concise and direct

it also symbolizes the Ain Soph Aur and the emanation of the visible and invisible fire. Associated with letter Samech in Hebrew.


I never heard of that. Could you tell me a bit more? What does this mean?

I’d recommend reading up on the kaballah if you wanted to know more regarding my answer. In short, the Ain Soph Aur is considered both an order of creation and part of Absolute on the tree of life in Kabbalah. It is there that our sacred absolute sun resides based on tradition. We live inside the Absolute but generally unaware of it due to our consciousness vibrating at a level lower than what is necessary to perceive living in the Absolute.

Tradition has it that the Absolute has three subdivisions. The Ain aka Sat (Sanskrit) (the Nothingness), the Ain Soph (the Nothingness that expands itself) and the Ain Soph Aur (the Nothingness that expands and concentrates itself). The diagram illustrates the relation:


Sounds interesting.
Thank you for your answer. I’ll be searching and reading about it.